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Benefits to Consumer
How it protects consumers ?
Major Tool to Protect Basic Consumer Rights like Safety, Choice, Information, Education and Right to Redress..
Aims to Identify Actual and Not Market Generated Consumer Needs.
Strengthens Informed Choice Aspect of Products.
Counters Slick Advertising, Misinformation Campaigns and Multiple Choices.
Enables Consumers to Choose Better and Safer Alternative Products at Competitive Prices.
Serves as a Link Between Consumers, the Government and the Manufacturers.
Brings Consumer Concerns to the Centre-stage of Product Manufacturing, Selling and policy making.
Mobilizing public opinion to bring about change for the benefit of consumers.

"Prevention is better than cure"

CT Results Empower the Consumer

Right to Safe Product - Informing consumers on Unsafe products.
Right to Complete Information About the Product - Brand Specific Information.
Right to Choose Among a Variety of Products - Price and Quality Comparisons.
Right to Consumer Education - Educates Consumers on Markets.

How is It Different ?

Consumer Magazine Does Not Accept Any Commercial Advertising: Int'l Code of Ethics Enforced by ICRT & CI.
Completely Financed by Subscriptions of Consumers & Govt. Grants, non commercial advts..
No Commercial Influence on Test Results

Indian Society will Benefit from a Strong Consumer Movement.

Self Sustainable Testing based Organizations are the Core of the consumer movement in most developed economies.
It is a social movement to challenge unfair/ unethical, exploitative business practices.
Exerts Pressure on Governments and Polity as watchdog of common man's interest.
An alert and empowered Consumer will also be a catalyst for social change.
Strengthen Participative Democracy by creating questioning and assertive citizens.


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