To promote right choices in a volatile and dynamic marketplace by providing consumer education....

Consumer Conversation Series by VOICE – Educate. Engage. Empower

We at Consumer VOICE are constantly striving to raise awareness among consumers not only about malpractices perpetuated in the market place but also about their rights. The main aim of Consumer VOICE is to Educate, Engage and Empower the people and remove misleading impressions created by marketers.

In order to fulfill the mission of Consumer Awareness & Education, Consumer VOICE has been hosting a series of conversations in collaboration with the India Habitat Center since February 2017.  Every month, a prevailing issue/topic of concern is chosen and experts who had prior experience or are working currently in the same field are invited as panelists to address the audience about the latest reforms and forthcoming hurdles. These conversations/talk sessions serve as a platform for consumers to gain more understanding on the subject matter and clarify their doubts. 

Educate – Consumer VOICE will educate consumers through this series and help consumers to  understand their rights.

Engage – The series will have eminent personalities from various fields who will not only disseminate information but also engage with consumers and address issues of concern.

Empower – Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Through this series Consumer VOICE believes in empowering the people with practical knowledge so that they are armed with proper and correct information to protect themselves against any malpractices.
The schedule for the upcoming conversations is as follows:
  1. Investor Awareness - SEBI Model - 18th May, 2017
  2. Food Safety - FSSAI Model - 22nd June, 2017
  3. Consumer Protection Bill 2016: How difference it is from the last one? - 21st July, 2017
  4. Water filters: How effective are they at home? - 18th August, 2017
  5. Standards & Standardization - BIS Model - 21st September, 2017

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