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  • ALL ABOUT Unwanted Commercial Calls

    All About Unwanted Commercial Calls Unwanted Commercial Calls (UCC) is known by Do Not Disturb (DND) as well. In TRAI parlance it is called Tel.... Read more

  • APPs to make your PHONE “SMARTER

    Apart from many other reasons making smart phones popular, one major reason is the availability of numerous applications (known popularly as APPs).... Read more


    BROADBAND AN OVERVIEW  only 13.3 million broadband subscribers as against 893 million mobile subscribers as on 31.12.2011.  The target env.... Read more

  • Choosing a Tariff Plan

    Choosing a Tariff Plan In India 4-7 Companies provide Mobile Phone Services in your area and each Company offers a dozen Tariff Plans. It seems.... Read more


    COMPLAINT REDRESSAL SYSTEM The existing system of Complaint Redressal – the 3 tier system has not been able to address the complaints to the en.... Read more

  • Digital Literacy

    India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Digital literacy is almost non-existent in a country where 25-30% of the population are il.... Read more

  • Digital Safety for Consumers

    Today, we are moving to the digital era, government of India now actively pushing for Cashless payment and in all this process Internet plays a very v.... Read more

  • Digitisation for whom

    DIGITISATION FOR WHOM ? All cable TV consumers beware- government of India by amending THE CABLE TELEVISION NETWORKS (REGULATION) ACT, 1995 on 25th O.... Read more

  • E-commerce and Consumer Safety

    E-commerce and Consumer Safety  Just a Little Care and Discipline Are Needed E-commerce (e-com) has become all-pervasive and our day-to-day li.... Read more

  • E-Commerce Report - Should You Be Cautious When Shopping Online?

    ‘Yes’ is the finding of a survey conducted by Consumer Voice in November 2013. The survey covered a sample of 1,327 online shoppers, mos.... Read more

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