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APPs to make your PHONE “SMARTER


Apart from many other reasons making smart phones popular, one major reason is the availability of numerous applications (known popularly as APPs) both from the phone manufacturer as well as from independent APPs developers. Here we list out a few of them which make user experience fun, productive and enriching. In this article only APPs available for free download have been considered. 

There are more premium versions available on payment through credit cards. 


Atomic Browser- OS iPhone Free basic version 

Re-creating desktop browser on iPhones screen, Atomic Browser has tabs, ad blocking, multi-touch gestures, passcode lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, and more. 

Bookmarklet (or Dolphin HD)- OS Android Web browser 

Lets you share Web pages with AIM, Bitly, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and other services. The Dolphin Browser HD has tabs, gesture-based navigation and plug-ins. Its a far more functional browser than the one that came preloaded on your phone. 


AntiDroidTheft- OS Android If you lose your phone, AntiDroid Theft turns on remote GPS tracking to determine its location. You can also trigger the phones camera to shoot an image that might help you locate the handset. 

Color Flashlight- OS Android 

Color Flashlight turns your phone into a bright light with a wide array of hues and strobe patterns. 

Google Voice- OS Android, Black- Berry, iPhone 

Google Voice gives you a phone number which can be used to make outgoing calls from--and forward incoming calls to--any phone. Its Voicemail Inbox transcribes your voice messages so that you can preview them at a glance. 

Missed Call- OS Android, iPhone In Missed Call you can customize your phones LED light, ringtones, vibrations and alerts for missed calls, incoming calls, SMS, Bluetooth and calendar events. 

Ookla- OS Android, iPhone The FCC-endorsed Ookla tool checks the upload and download speeds youre getting from your network provider. 

SmrtGuard- OS Android, BlackBerry Free basic version, premium version is $5 per month after a 30-day trial 

With SmrtGuard you can remotely track--and lock--your missing smartphone. The Pro version lets you perform automatic wireless backup and restore. 

Toddler Lock- OS Android, iPhone 

Toddler Lock turns your phone into a toy that can keep your little one busy for hours. It shows a single screen (locking away all others) that displays colorful shapes when your toddler touches it. Soothing sounds play in the background. Vlingo- OS A n d r o i d , BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian Free basic version 

Vlingo replaces typing on your smartphone with voice commands. It covers your phones basic messaging functions, voice calls, Facebook updates and personal notes. On Android and BlackBerry, the app will even read your incoming messages to you. 

Wi-Fi Finder- OS Android 

Wi-Fi Finder is a directory of paid and free Wi-Fi hotspots in over 280,000 locations in 140 countries. You can filter results by the provider or by location (restaurant, café and so on). A must-have for travellers. 

Audio and Music Apps 

BeyondPod- Operating System (OS) Android Basic version free Good for organising your music & Podcasts 

Pandora- OS Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Mobile 

Tell Pandora your music preferences and it streams tunes on your smartphone accordingly. You can stream music in the background (yes, even on the iPhone with iOS 4) while you do other work such as check your e-mail or play games. Pandoras is a nice alternative when you need a break from your own song collection. 

Shazam- OS Android, Black, iphone, WebOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile 

Name that tune: Want to identify that one song you keep hearing everywhere you go? Just open the Shazam app, hold your smartphone up to your radios speaker, and--in a flash--it displays the name of the song and the artist! 

Hemant Upadhyay 
Advisor IT & Telecom

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