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  • Air India

      Brought down to earth Air India fined Rs 2,75,000 for making a passenger sit through a flight with non-reclining seat and faulty seat belt .... Read more

  • Air traveller right

      Air traveller rights: hitting an air pocket? More and more Indians are travelling by air these days and cheaper fare has, in many cases, meant.... Read more

  • Airlines trouble in holiday season

      Airlines trouble in holiday season Indias Delhi airport sees upto 20 million passengers a year. In the rest of the country, the figures are no.... Read more

  • Airmail or snailmail

    Airmail or snailmail? Few consumers would continue with the effort if they had to fight an unsympathetic government service department for 10 m.... Read more

  • All is Well

      One more year is over. We will be again celebrating World Consumer Rights Day on 15th of March. Now is the time to pause and see-if all is well.... Read more

  • American Express has every right to withdraw card

    American Express has every right to withdraw card It is advisable to read conditions and clauses before signing on the dotted line. When you ap.... Read more

  • Ansal Housing compensates consumer

    Ansal Housing compensates consumer for non-construction of flat The Delhi State Commission rapped Ansal construction company for forfeiting co.... Read more

  • Ansal properties

    Ansal properties fined for late delivery of flat Real estate developer pays compensation for late Ansal Properties was late in delivering po.... Read more

  • Any Evidence Is Enough

     Any Evidence Is Enough Bill Not Necessary for Consumer Forum At some point, many of you must have felt aggrieved enough to want to formally.... Read more

  • Are You Afraid of Courts

    Are You Afraid of Courts Honourable Justice RV Raveendran, Supreme Court Judge, while addressing a conference of Presidents of State Consumer D.... Read more

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