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From farm to your kitchen, organically

From farm to your kitchen, organically.
A Consumer Voice initiative.

In a country with low awareness of organic farming and a highly un-organized organic food market, Consumer Voice takes the initiative to forge a direct connection between organic farmers and consumers who want to buy and consume organic produce. Consumer Voice procures organically produced food products from government recognized organic farms and delivers organic produce directly to the consumers, negating the possibility of adulteration.

Usually organic food products are often tagged as prohibitively expensive, but organic products procured and sold by Voice are free of trading intermediaries, therefore are very reasonably priced and affordable. 

To start with organic product offering by Consumer Voice is limited, but Consumer Voice will continually work to increase offerings of organic produce.   

All these organic products are available over the counter at Consumer Voice office, E-34 East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065, or on tel. 011-47331000 /+91 9910262062 / +91 8527066870, or email us at , or order Online –

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