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Aftershave lotions

Aftershave lotions

 Softening The Tough Ones

Do you find your skin dry and rough after shaving? To restore your skins texture an aftershave lotion is must. Make sure that you use the right aftershave lotion to protect your skin from any wound or roughness due to razor use and also to give you a clean and fresh look. Aftershave lotions help in nourishing the skin and also give a fresh feel with soothing fragrance. These aftershave lotions are in great demand as todays men are more concerned about their looks and are prepared to spend a lot for it. Consumer VOICE did a panel test of 6 brands of aftershave lotions to help our male subscribers choose the best.

Aftershave Lotion And Its Necessity
Being clean and organised was always considered as a female trait, but now men have also taken it up. Shaving is an essential part of mens grooming routine. Aftershave products are available in many categories like gels, balms and lotions. Aftershave lotions can be applied with clean cloth or cotton. These lotions help in recovering from any aggravations caused as the after-effect of shaving. These lotions are form of liquid used by men when they finish their shaving. It is mainly used to prevent infection or stop bleeding when you have a cut during shaving as it contains antiseptic agents such as denatured alcohol etc. 

Earlier, fitkari or alum and creams were used after shaving but now the aftershave lotions and gels have taken over the market. Men also prefer these lotions as they not only protect the skin but give the skin a fresh and moisturised feel. Most of the aftershave lotion manufacturers use fragrance and essential oils as add on elements to boost the quality of their products. Though alcohol in these aftershave lotions helps in preventing infection or bacteria, this ingredient, sometimes, causes an immediate burning sensation after applying.

Aftershave Lotions In India
Aftershave lotions are getting popularity in India too, as most urban consumers opt it over other antiseptic agents like fitkari, creams or any liquid. The powerful commercials of aftershave lotions and shaving creams have also helped in popularising them. According to market research, in India the male shaving aftercare market grew at a compound annual growth of 10.8% between 2004 and 2009. 

Nowadays, so many brands of aftershave lotions are available in the Indian market and there is a neck to neck competition among them. 

Most consumers in India prefer to follow the advertisements and buy products believing all the claims made by the manufacturers, but we need to understand that in this age of tough competition all brands would try to promote their product in every possible way. As far as your skin is concerned you have to be a little more cautious while choosing an aftershave lotion.

Benefits of Aftershave Lotions
Aftershave lotions leave a soothing effect on your skin and help in recovering from cuts and irritation. 
Aftershave lotions have antiseptic ingredients which help in providing a cool sensation as they close pores and stop infections.
Many aftershave lotions are made with aloe vera extracts, castor oil and menthol which help in regenerating the dead cells and giving a cooling effect. Castor oil is a good remedy for stopping acne and fighting bacteria.
The soothing fragrance in most of the aftershave lotions gives you a confident feel and you will not have to face embarrassment for body odour. 

The Test
We purchased six brands of aftershave lotions and distributed them to users. Most of our users prefer to shave at home because they think it is cheaper, safer, hygienic and convenient. They also said that its a daily task and requires both time and money to keep going back and forth to a salon every time. A few of our users also use fitkari, Dettol and Savlon instead of aftershave lotions and used these lotions for the first time during our test.

Expert speak!
Consumer VOICE spoke to a Delhi-based skin expert Dr Taneja of ADVANCED SKIN AND HAIR CLINIC, and this is what she said, "Usually after shave lotions are alcohol based with preservatives which can be prove to be an irritant. Otherwise brands like Old Spice and others have a beneficial effects of protecting the skin from bacterial infections".


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