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Learn The Unusual Art Of Travelling Light


Learn The Unusual Art Of Travelling Light

If you travel often, whether for business, work or pleasure, then you can benefit from developing the skill and art of packing and travelling light. 

When you travel a lot, you quickly discover that the less luggage you take with you, the more pleasant the trip will be. Over time you can turn travelling light into an art form, and find a whole new way to add efficiency and comfort into every single trip, regardless of your destination or the purpose of your trip is aimed at people who take frequent short trips! So business travellers, last minute travellers, weekend getaway travellers, and the like may benefit greatly from just one tip that helps them to travel much more lightly. The advice can also help those who go holidaying in the hills or near beaches, but the goal of travelling with just one bag may not be as attainable to someone who needs to carry special travelling gear. On the other hand, why get weighed down travelling with expensive suits when you will hardly have any occasion to wear them? 

In addition to great packing tips, you should also know how to choose items for your trip, such as sensible clothing choices and help and advice to decide what to leave at home and buy while you are away, rather than packing just about everything you expect to need under the sun. There are many more tips you can benefit from too, such as tips on packing lists,travelling with electrical items, and keeping your luggage secure. Important and helpful things you should be bearing in mind before you go on your trip so that you can be a more proficient traveler. 

Travelling with one bag may seem impossible, but is it very doable. It all begins with selecting luggage and learning the best and most efficient ways to pack it. If you travel often, be ruthless and strict, with yourself when you are packing. 

Another important factor is that the choices we make when buying luggage and travel accessories, because they can also impact our travel comfort for better or for worse. Be open to suggestions on brands and bags that can work well for a variety of travellers, including some suggestions of smart bags for business travellers, and if you choose wisely, then you should be able to carry your bag around with you comfortably. Best of all, you will arrive at your destination ready to enjoy what is left of the day, instead of exhausted from lugging too much baggage around with you. 

Although it’s advisable to travel very light these days, there are several gadgets that are well worth their extra weight in comfort and security, and can easily be stowed with the rest of your essential travel gear. 

Luggage Strap: Most airlines require you leave checked bags unlocked for possible hand-inspection. That, of course, means that luggage handlers have access, too. And, there have been many incidents of theft reported. A sturdy luggage strap with a secure approved lock will allow for hand-inspection by the authorities, but should prevent luggage handlers from pawing through the contents of your bag. Additionally, in case your bag pops open while it’s being lurched along a conveyer belt or if it’s dropped by a luggage handler, the strap will prevent the contents of your bag from spilling out entirely, although you may still lose small items that have been packed last minute, squeezed into the bag near the perimeter.

Luggage straps come in a wide variety of colors, and with various fasteners, within a range in price. They weigh next to nothing. Luggage stores sell them, as do convenience stores, and they’re available at airport shops or kiosks. 

Collapsible luggage carts are invaluable when porters are scarce or carry-ons are to heavy to be toted on your shoulder. There are plastic and metal varieties, and before buying one of them, consider how much it weighs -- because you will have to tote it when you’re not using it to tote your stuff. Make sure your model is sturdy enough to meet your needs, with a wide enough base and balanced wheels that prevent tipping over. Luggage carts are sold at travel gear stores and airport shops. 

Packing light requires using packing accessories that let you stuff a lot into a little bit of space. Compression is the key. Clear plastic compression bags flatten bulky sweaters and squish a stack of shirts into a flat and packable shape. Best of all, the flattened items spring back to their regular shape when the bag is opened. Sets of two or three bags in various sizes are sold in most hardware stores. 

Packing cubes are invaluable organizers that will sort out essentials so you can instantly find them. They also allow you to sort clean and soiled items, and help you keep the inside of your luggage clean. 

For safeguarding travel documents and vouchers, credit cards, travellers or personal checks, different currencies and keeping your receipts in order, you’ll need an organizer wallet. Of course, there are a variety of choices, available at a wide range of prices, but a passport wallet is a good bet, with pockets for everything and a sturdy strap that fits around your neck or will loop over your belt. 

Depending on your itinerary and planned activities, a good alternative is a waterproof case that keeps documents and other valuables safe and dry. You’ll find a wide selection -- including those that you can hang around your neck. 

Second to only safety in travel is comfort, and that’s becoming harder and harder to find. On crowded planes, little is offered to make the environment accommodating. Seats are small and uncomfortable, and most carriers no long provide even pillows or blankets in coach class. The solution is to bring your own, especially when travelling by longhaul flights. There are lots of models to choose from, but go for the best and most comfortable you can afford. 

Silk travel blankets are light and come in handy, because you can use them on the plane -- or in your hotel -- to assure yourself a clean wrap. 

Even if you want a total escape from the work and worries you face at home, you’ll want to bring a notebook, and of course your smart phone. In any variety, these are invaluable travel assistants: they keep your calendar for you, store copies of your travel documents that can be printed out if necessary, and you can use them for Skyping or otherwise keeping in touch via email or social media platforms. And, they serve up your own selection of entertaining movies, games, books or other media, as you wish to enjoy them. 

Of course, there’s a daunting range to choose from. Before you buy make a lot of comparisons regarding size, weight, programs, battery life and the time it takes to recharge it, and the range of available applications. Best advice on selection is to ask a lot of questions, including whether a model is compatible with overseas servers, whether there are extra charges for use at long distances from your home and/or overseas, which apps are available for travellers, battery life and length of time it takes to recharge, and how much it weighs. 

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