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Consumer Conversation Series on Importance of Comparative Product Testing

What is Comparative Product Testing:

Do you know which is the best cooking oil? Did you know that the brand of packaged drinking water that you use is not the best? Your RO water purifier may not be giving you healthy water? Consumer Voice tests all your products in an NABL accredited laboratory on various parameters and shares the test findings with the citizens to empower them on choices among the products available in the market places.

Benefits of Comparative Testing:
1.     Major Tool to Protect Basic Consumer Rights like Safety, Choice, Information, Education and Right to Redress. 
2.     Aims to Identify Actual and Not Market Generated Consumer Needs.
3.     Strengthens Informed Choice Aspect of Products  
4.     Counters Slick Advertising, Misinformation Campaigns and Multiple Choices
5.     Enables Consumers to Choose Better and Safer Alternative Products at Competitive Prices.
6.     Serves as a Link Between Consumers, the Government and the Manufacturers.
7.     Brings Consumer Concerns to the Centre-stage of Product Manufacturing, Selling and policy making.
Products Tested

Till now a host of products have been tested which includes Food, Health and Beauty Care, Appliances, Home Care Products, Electronics Goods and Consumer Durables to name just a few. Our products are selected after intensive market surveys after which they are send for testing. 

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