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Where does Comparative Testing carry out?

Comparative Testing of various products carry out in well-established and independent NABL accredited laboratories.

What are the criteria of Comparative Testing?

Comparative Testing cover the aspects like Quality, Safety, User friendliness, Environment friendliness & Energy Efficiency.

Which categories of products are covered in Comparative Testing?

The Comparative Testing Focuses on various categories of Consumer products like Food, FMCG, Toiletries, Electrical durable, White goods and Personal care.

How Comparative Testing Protects Consumer?

Comparative Testing cuts through the problem of multiple choices, Promotional strategies and price variation and empowers consumers to make right decisions about what they want to get best value for their money.

What are the objectives of Comparative Testing?

The main objective of Comparative Testing is Consumer Awareness/Education and Empowerment. • Enable consumers to make an informed choice among multiple brands available. • To draw Public Attention to unsafe goods and unfair trade practices. • Raise standards of these products by increasing Public Awareness on products.

What is Comparative Testing?

Comparative Testing refer testing of products on specified methodology and comparing them against one another. Products are rated according to Quality, Performance, Safety and also environmental friendliness.

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