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  • Car Safety

    On 7 January 2017, Consumer VOICE released Car Safety booklets in English and Hindi as part of the c.... Read more

  • National Meet of NGOs – Road Safety

    In the month of January, the Consumer VOICE team also actively participated in the National Meet of .... Read more

  • Road Safety Advocacy

    Team Consumer VOICE met with MP Shri Manoj Tiwari and MP Shri Ram Chaitra Nishad, who are also membe.... Read more

  • Voice Outreach - Cyclothon to promote safer roads and child safety

    As part of their ongoing work on road safety, team Consumer VOICE organised a Cyclothon (Cycling for.... Read more

  • Browned toast and potatoes carry 'cancer risk', say scientists

    Bread, chips and potatoes should be cooked to a golden yellow colour, rather than darker brown, to r.... Read more

  • Education not commodity, student not consumer: Consumer forum

    A youth's plea against an institute for allegedly not providing him with an internship or job as pro.... Read more

  • Bank must compensate woman for sharing info with estranged husband

    A bank has a relationship of fidelity with its customers and it cannot share their personal informat.... Read more

  • Railways ordered to pay Rs 68 lakh to man for permanent disability

    The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has directed Western Railway to pay a compen.... Read more

  • Builders: NCDRC to take up direct pleas

    In a landmark judgement, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has stated .... Read more

  • Include bidis in GST regime

    Include bidis in GST regime Mark Goodchild and Henk Bekedam The government should ensure that .... Read more

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