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Consumer VOICE Publications
Consumer VOICE is actively involved in publication of magazines , books and reports covering every aspect of consumer .The Primary aim of Consumer VOICE Publications is to raise Consumer awareness. Some of our publications are:
1. Consumer VOICE Online -
The Online showcases the best features of our English edition with added value of several features available only Online .

Our Online is an interactive site, where subscribers can participate in surveys , opinion poll, feedback, reports and access consumers news everyday. A blog is available for comments and inputs.

The "Read More" features of our Online stretches resources to the maximum to provide readers with reading material on every aspect of consumer information.

The Online complaint mechanism gives advice, guidence and support to our subscribers for a quick resolution of their grievances conserting products and services.

Our subscribers get updates on many facets of consumer issues as a daily basis.A monthly news-letters updates our subscribers on consumer issues collecting from all over.

It offers you more : 40% of online content is FREE to our subscribers, covering issue like -

Silver Lining Sacred Groves
Eye 2 Eye Sustainability
Spiritual Space Share your pets with Us
Women Section Children Section
2. Consumer VOICE (English)-
The monthly magazine contains articles on comparative testing of products, finance, health, legal issues, environment and sustainability, with an eye to create consumer awareness in the public. The magazine has an online edition also.
3. Consumer VOICE (Hindi)-
We publish Consumer VOICE in Hindi language also for our Hindi readers.This contains the best of the English edition , besides independent articles and features for our Hindi reading subscribers. .
5. Sarthak Vani -

A Hindi bi-monthly magazine for rural women on Science and Technology popularisation. This one-of-its kind magazine profiles the off-beat development initiatives taking place in the remotest corners of India and highlights how science is making women self-reliant. The magazine has permanent sections on women’s health, legal issues, self-employment and environment.

Now Sarthak Vani is available in 9 languages viz English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.


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