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Author: Nakul Pasricha, President, Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA)   The Consumer Protection Bill 2019 has been passed by Parliament, replacing the more than three decades old Consumer Protection Act, 1986. While the earlier law did cover unfair trade practices, the current one makes it more comprehensive. It is a […]

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Health fads have become an inseparable part of people’s lives today. People are always looking for something that will help improve their health quickly and allow them to avoid health issues. If you are among such people and you are confused about which oil to use for cooking, then you […]

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Everyone dreams of having pearly white teeth that are perfectly aligned and make us more beautiful. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have near perfect teeth,andthis compels us to rely on everything that promises to help, be it the baking soda or whitening toothpaste.If you are an Indian consumer who is […]

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Indian consumers have become more aware of their rights in recent years. The result of such awareness is that more and more people are filing consumer complaint online and getting justice from the consumer courts. If you have also been cheated by a manufacturer like a manufacturer of a microwave […]

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There were times when you heard the word charcoal, you thought of the old charcoal stoves on which your grandmothers used to cook food. But now, charcoal is present in everything from a face mask to a toothpaste.If you want to know whether charcoal in toothpaste is a smart idea […]

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Ice cream is an indulgence people can barely resist. Most of us have ice creams particularly in the summers to beat the heat while some also have it in winters just for the amazing taste. No matter what your reasons for indulging in ice creams are, you should know that […]

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Though the problem of getting cheated by a manufacturer or seller is a common one in India, many people hesitate to file a consumer court complaint online. If you are among such people, then you should know that the Indian government is doing all it can to ensure that you […]

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The consumer protection act 1986 has been enacted to help consumers fight for their rights and speak against the injustice done by manufacturers, distributors, retailers or suppliers. But it seems that the consumer protection act cannot be used by a trust.This was stated by the Supreme Court. A recent case […]

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How Can Consumer Protection Act Be a Boon?The Consumer Protection Act can be a useful tool in a consumer’s arsenal only if the consumer knows how to use it the right way. If you are also an aware Indian consumer who has been cheated, conned or tricked by a product […]

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You are living a happy life with your loved ones, you have a good job, a decent income and suddenly your medical reports state that you have a critical illness that needs long term treatment and is too costly to be true. What can help you in such a situation? […]

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Our mothers and grandmothers have always boasted about how good milk is for the kids, especially growing children, and we have believed it to be true for decades. Have you ever wondered whether milk is giving enough calcium to our children? If not, it’s time you read on.Though milk is […]

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Reuters had recently published a few investigative articles in which it was revealed that ammonia is being used in many foods, especially common foods like cheese, chocolate (acidity controller) and baked goods (leavening agents). If you are also worried about how bad ammonia is for health, how to detect ammonia […]

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Frost free refrigerators have saved a lot of time, trouble, and effort for people who previously owned a direct cool refrigerator. If you own a frost-free refrigerator and feel awesome about it, then you should learn how to use it properly to ensure that it lasts longer and offers more […]

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The National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (NCDRC) and other consumer courts have dismissed complaints on mere technical grounds. However, things will not be the same after the Supreme Court observed that dismissal of consumer complaints on mere technical grounds, add to the burden of litigation and defeat the purpose of […]

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The Supreme Court has held that a Revision Petition against an order passed by a State Consumer Commission in execution proceedings is not maintainable before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). The revisional jurisdiction conferred on the National Commission under Section 21(b) is with respect to a pending or […]

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Life has its ups and downs and one needs to be prepared. Medical adversities can occur at any point in your life. Having a health insurance is very important, for both yourself and your family.   The main function of a health insurance is to safeguard you financially if any […]

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Summer is great, where one can enjoy the sun. But what about your skin? The hot and humid weather can make your skin red and oily.  Apart from causing acne and rashes, the scorching heat has the tendency to damage the skin cells and skin problems appear. But don’t sweat, […]

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Summer months in India are from April- July and one has to eat right to prevent any stomach prone diseases. To battle any effects of the digestive system one must include fluids in their diet. Tea and coffee should be avoided. Drinking a good amount of water is key to […]

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The curd is one of the Indian superfoods that’s gaining a lot of global attention these days. The result, kids who used to stay away from curd when their grandmothers urged them to have some are now chasing the curd and curd recipes as adults. Thanks to the fact that […]

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Summers are possibly the worst time of the year for your digestion and gut health. It’s that time of the year when you don’t feel like eating anything, you want to live off liquids, and you hate the idea of having hot foods. You probably wait for fresh food to […]

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We all grew up hearing from our parents and grandparents about how excellent curd is for health. Well, it seems that our elders were right. Curd is packed with loads of health benefits and must be included in your daily diet no matter whether you prefer it with hot parathas […]

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If your credit score is low that affects your financial standing, therefore a good credit score is in your best interest. There are important factors that is looked at before credit is attained. Banks and NBFCs do consider certain crucial financial aspects before sanctioning any type of credit line to […]

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The photograph of Late Prof.P.K. Ghosh – past Chairman was unveiled by Hon. Chairman Dr. G. Sundaram and other distinguished guests at the Consumer Voice office. Standing from Left to Right are :  Mr. Ashim Sanyal : COO Mr. Anand Pandeya : Director Outreach Prof. Sri Ram Khanna : Mg Editor Dr. G […]

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Karamjeet Kaur is one of the homebuyers who bought homes after the implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA). She invested her hard earned money in an under-construction project but decided to withdraw the booking amount owing to project layout inconsistencies. The builder refused to return her […]

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