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Doing Well by Doing Good. Are they?

They come, they see opportunities, and they conquer markets. The large automobile companies, the FMCG majors, the banking, insurance, healthcare and even education service providers, the apparel leaders, the electronics and durable giants… all of them are

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Huge Differences in the Sugar and Salt Content of Global Breakfast Cereal Brands

WASH (World Action on Salt & Health), a global group with the mission to improve the health of populations throughout the world by achieving a gradual reduction in salt intake which has 527 members from 95 countries conducted survey of nutritional composition (sugar and

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Check your spices:  there could be dung, sand, husk, colour…

This is not just another article to inform you about what harm can be caused by eating adulterated spices. That much has been talked about enough and you know all that you should. This write-up is more of a practical guide for you to find out if spices

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Banking and Finance

Recovery of Guarantor Loans

Have you ever opted for guarantor loan? Do you think your friends and family will stand by you if you go for a guarantor loan? Well they probably would have refused a few years back but now becoming a loan guarantor is safe and secured. Taking guarantor personal

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Things credit card companies do not want you to know

You and your credit card are inseparable. Right from paying for your groceries, to your child’s school fees or for your movie tickets or flight bookings, credit cards are no longer a status symbol but a necessity. As a result we have enslaved ourselves

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Credit card tips for smart users

A credit card offers unlimited financial freedom. But as all freedom, a credit card too comes with its own set of responsibilities. If used responsibly, a credit card can be a very effective financial tool. Whether you are a first timer or not,

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Consumer Durables

Necessity of energy efficiency star labeling in India

The Energy Efficiency Standard & Labeling (S & L) program has been successfully implemented in many countries and has brought significant impacts in terms of availability of higher quality energy efficient products in the market places resulting in energy as well as money savings

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TV Buying Guide: Which one to buy LED or LCD or OLED?

The market is flooded with TVs, LEDs and LCDs of varying sizes and shapes too. Instead of making your job easy, it makes it more confusing. Consumer VOICE’s TV Buying Guide will help you decide on the TV that suits your requirements
On the

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Is your Kitchen HACCP safe?

The monsoon is here and so is a flurry of water and food-borne diseases.Food safety in the kitchen-place can be simple enough if we keep track of what foods should be eaten immediately, which need to be thoroughly cooked and which may be avoided during

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Do sunscreens work?

Sunscreen brands have a fair bit of presence in the media these days. Going by their advice, Indians should not step out of their homes without a liberal application of the cream that is supposed to protect one from the harms of direct sunlight

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Are Body Lotions The Perfect Winter Care

There is a general belief that the face, hands and sometimes feet need some attention during the winter months. However, real skin care should include the entire body. In the dry and cold winter weather, skin tends to get rough and needs care. Body

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Body Wash And Shower Gel

Sweat, dirt and oil are the biggest enemies in the world of skin care. In our fast paced life, body wash and shower gel are fast and convenient options for a quick clean feel. These are new products in the Indian market but an

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Real Estate

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

This central government initiative has the rallying cry of ‘housing for all by 2022. Something of this scale and sweep necessarily involves partnering with various implementing agencies. As for beneficiaries, there are clear eligibility criteria and processes for getting the loan which they should be

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Relief for Buyers as Supreme Court stays Insolvency Proceedings Against Jaypee

Here is some relief for home buyers of Jaypee Infratech as the Supreme Court on September 4th, 2017 stayed the insolvency proceedings against Jaypee Infratech after the judgment passed by National Company Law Tribunal, Allahabad at the instance of IDBI Bank Limited. Being unsecured

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Supreme Court cautions Unitech real estate home buyers: Consumers Don’t Expect to Profit from Your Loss

The dispute between home buyers and real estate players has now skewed in favour of home buyers, thanks to various Supreme Court judgement. The apex court acknowledges the suffering that home buyers are going through for not receiving the possession of their flats. At

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Towards third-party certification of lead-free paints in India

Lead (Pb) compounds have been historically used in paints mainly as a colouring agent, but also for durability and corrosion resistance, and for driers. But lead is toxic and is a poison in any form, as is borne out by the potential hazards that

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How to Reduce Food Carbon Footprint

If you are thinking of ways on how to reduce food carbon footprint, avoiding meat is the first thing that needs to be done as per most research studies. Food carbon footprint or foodprint requires immediate attention as growing, rearing, processing and transporting and

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Greenhouse Gases and Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are a group of compounds that trap the heat in the atmosphere, keeping the Earth’s surface warmer than it would be. These are gases which prevent the heat from escaping from the Earth. These are called green house gases. Increase in the

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