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Thanks for visiting this page…

For more than 35 years, Consumer VOICE has been relentlessly working towards generating awareness on consumer related issues and Consumer Rights and Laws. Every month we are bringing to our readers independent and unbiased test results of Comparative Testing of consumer durables, food, cosmetics and finance, banking products besides other related topics.

Consumer VOICE engages itself in a variety of consumer issues like consumer redressal through the ambit of Consumer Protection Act, making road safety a priority for pedestrians and drivers. We have also generated awareness on the ill effects of tobacco and e-cigarettes through Tobacco Control Interventions and also called for environment protection through Green Action Week. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, Consumer VOICE is also planning to sensitize consumers on trans fat in foods or hypertension to control NCD (non-communicable diseases). These are besides many other initiatives.

While Consumer VOICE print magazine has been our key focus till now, we have now gone digital keeping pace with time and new technology. To help us stay afloat and continue contributing for consumer welfare - your donation, big or small, will definitely help us taking forward our mission. We do not accept any commercial donation or advertisements to remain independent and unbiased. Support Us. It only takes a minute.


We are covered under 80G and 12A.

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