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PRODUCT : Tour & Travel
BRAND : United Tour Club
COMPANY : United Capital Club
QUERY ID : EID20152016
CONSUMER : Gyan Dixit

Hi, I am writing this letter to draw your attention towards unacceptable service and malpractice employed by a company namely United Capital Club located in Delhi NCR. The said company is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide registration number (CIN) U93030UP2012PTC050914 under the name of UCC TOURISM SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED. The afore-said company provides tour and travel services such as flight booking, hotels and resorts booking, tour packages etc. across India and internationally. Apart from providing travel services, this company also provides work from home opportunity in the name of extra source of income to the general public claiming the earning potential of Rs.7000 - Rs.8000 per week per individual. The companys business model is similar to that of any RCM/MLM company. I came to know about the company a year ago and visited them to understand the business model. Post one hour session, I agreed to subscribe to their membership and paid Rs.1000/- as registration fee which is non-refundable and another Rs.4500/- for Platinum membership. As per company policy, the membership fee is refundable after one year if the member does not earn any commission nor does he/she take any membership benefit like flight ticket. I registered with the company in April 2014 and since then my membership has been lying dormant. I did not do any business nor did I use the membership benefit. Now, after completing a year, I visited the company office to claim the refund but there was no one available from the management or from accounts department. One of their team members advised me to write an email with details. I wrote an email in the first week of July 2015 and sent to everyone concerned including the owner of the company. However, I did not receive any acknowledgement nor any response on my request. I tried to get in touch with a girl (Shailja Pandey) who is their one of the oldest and core members on her mobile phone but to no avail. She d

expert advice by consumer voice

Since you have already sent email complaint to the company and no response the only option is to lodge a complaint with the local police about the way they are cheating the consumers by making unfounded and baseless assurances of monthly earning business.

BRAND : Campus
COMPANY : Campus
QUERY ID : EID20142016
CONSUMER : Rahul Joshi

Shoes I brought from a retail shop are making a lot of sound over the tiled and marbled floors, the shopkeeper has refused to return the product. I forgot to take the bill the first time. what options do I have?

expert advice by consumer voice

To our mind you have no option as you have no bill for payment. Moreover you should have satisfied before purchase about the noise on walking etc.

PRODUCT : Residents Association Accounts
COMPANY : Santhi Riverdale Residents Association
QUERY ID : EID20132016
CONSUMER : Job Chithalan

We have not had accounts for the 3 years the RA ha been in existence. Conduct of Committee Executives has been that of threatening to some I know. Transparency and accountability is lacking. There are indications of the misappropriation of our funds.

expert advice by consumer voice

You can take action according to provisions of the society regulations.However if the regulations provide so you can make a complaint to the Registrar of societies of your state to lookinto the non maintenance by the society for appropriate action.You can also write to the Secy of the Society as to why regular account has not been maintained as this amounts to non transparency in maintenance of accounts of society

PRODUCT : Apartment
BRAND : Swabhumi Stristy
COMPANY : Swabhumi developers and real estate pvt ltd
QUERY ID : EID20122016
CONSUMER : Koushik Sarkar

I booked a flat of Super buildup area 976 sq.ft in Aug15 & already paid 644000/-. As per the sell agreement the total cost of flat is 3220000/-. The flat got completion certificate from local municipality in the year of 2013/2014. As I am taking bank loan, my bank (SBI) assessed the flat in Sep15 & measure it 976 sq ft also.Now just before I am going for flat registration, they are asking me to pay 43000/- more money as they are demanding that my flat super build up area raised 13 sq ft after joint measurement..As I am buying a already complete flat then how the flat measurement suddenly gone up. Is this demand legal. Also, they calculating super build up area as (build up area + proportionate stair area & lift lobby) then 25% service area over that total. Is it a legal way to calculate super build-up area ( inclusion of stair & lift area to calculate the 25% service area?). they threating to cancel the agreement & will forfeit the amount I already paid (644000/-) if the agreement canceled.

expert advice by consumer voice

Builder cannot charge more than what has been agreed in the agreement between you .If you feel that additional charges for extra cover area was not provided you have the option of challenging the same.For exact measurement you can take assistance of the local architect and obtain his written certification for agitating the matter before builders.However it appear from your complaint that yu have reached the final conclusion of the deal ie going for registration with the Registrar it may not be advisable to agitate these issues with the builders at this stage.In absence of full facts we feel that you may get the flat registered take procession under protest and thereafter fight for your issues with the builders.This a way of compromising the matter.

PRODUCT : Against Builder
BRAND : parasnath nagri shop
COMPANY : Yashodhan Enterprises
QUERY ID : EID20102016
CONSUMER : siddhesh patil

Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is Siddhesh Vijay Patil from Mumbai, I had purchased a 400 sq ft shop from Yashodhan Enterprises from Nallasopara District Palghar and the located at Umroli, District Palghar, State Maharashtra. The total project is of 50 Acar and more than 200 building was planned this information was provided by Mr. Nipin Debnath. At the time of booking I insisted Mr. Nipin Debnath to provide all related documents and permissions to be but he insisted that all is well and all papers will get ready in 1 week time so instead of making token, I made chque payment of 750000Rs in 29 Jan 2014 @ 4400 Rs/ Sq Ft. after 1 month latter I did huge follow up for the required documents but he failed to provide and sent me a layout map of land. Then onwards he misguiding me by saying the project will start in next 2 months. I met him at his office in Nallasopara in Nov 2014 there were no documents provided by him and he promise the project will start in month of December 2014. But all in vain, then I give him ultimatum to refund the money but he keeps on promising that he will start the project in Nov 2015. I meet him in May 2015 first at Nallasopara office and he told me that he is shifting the project from survey no 184 building no 5 to survey no 183 building no 2. I was not agreeing to his proposal but he insisted me and offered me one more shop in discounted rate and if do not start the project in Nov 2015 he will refund all money with interest of 18%PA in month of Nov 2015. From Jan 2015 onwards he stopped taking my calls even stopped responding to my Whats app messages, I did vigorous follow up in moth of October 2015 for project update otherwise to refund my money but neither pick up my call nor he replied on Whats App. I increased my follow up by way of email, telephonic and by whats app even though there was no reply from him. And one day all of sudden I receive one email stating that there one of partner is standing for Bihar Election so they have

expert advice by consumer voice

You may write to the MD of the company for delay in execution of the project .Since you have not agreed for his proposal for change in project you may send a registered letter to them for refunding the money within 3 weeks otherwise you will be forced to initiate legal action as may be deemed appropriate.

PRODUCT : Realestate
BRAND : Dreamz Infra
COMPANY : Dreamz GK infra india
QUERY ID : EID20092016
CONSUMER : Mufiz Rahman

In Jan 2015 I booked a 2 BHK flat in Dreamz Infra Susthapit project (Silk Board Bangalore Karnataka) and I paid Rs 700000 (Seven lakh), but the builder did not provide legal document, even after several request builder did not share any document, finally I cancelled the booking, and asked them to refund the amount they issued 3 post-dated cheques for the period of 120 days. When I deposited the cheques, all the three cheques dis honoured, and returned uncleared due to insufficient balance in that account, I sent a legal notice to the company to pay the amount within 15 days, and they replied that they will pay within 20 day. After 15 day when I contacted to the cancellation department, they refused to pay the amount. Now it’s almost one year, and I am not able to cover the amount. I would really appreciate if you could help me in this regard Thank you for your valuable time. Thanks & regards Mufizur Rahman 8553550282

expert advice by consumer voice

In fact action for cheque bouncing could have been taken after expiry of 15 days period of notice.But now it is more than one year action cannot be taken .The only option is that you go to the district consumer forum for awarding compensation,refund of money with 18 % interest as the builder has failed to honor his commitment.There has been several cases when the courts have passed orders against builders for payment of interest ,refund of deposited amount if they failed to full fill their obligations as per the agreement.

PRODUCT : Home Nursing Service
BRAND : Nursing Station
QUERY ID : EID20082016
CONSUMER : Satya Seelan

I had paid one month charge of Rs 22500 for their nursing service for my grand mother in advance thru NEFT transfer. But before they started their service my grand mother expired the day before. There was no receipt given or agreement signed. When i asked for refund they said they will deduct the service tax of 14.5 percent from the amount. My query is can they deduct the service tax for the service they have not given.

expert advice by consumer voice

The principle is that if no service availed, no charges can be charged. However in order to compromise the issue we feel you may agree to deduction of 10% to close the matter

PRODUCT : Cheated by a constructioncompany named D K INFRA PROJECTS PVT LTD
BRAND : PAID TWO LAKH RUPEES ON JUNE 2014 FOR BOOKING A FLAT AT PAILAN . They have promised to deliver the flat in November 2015. But construction not started yet. Neither they are responding or updating also
COMPANY : Kindly assist in getting my hard earned money back.
QUERY ID : EID20072015
CONSUMER : Apurba Mukherjee

My address - 27/29D, K M Naskar Road, Kolkata 700040. Mobile number 9831085227

expert advice by consumer voice

You may send a notice to the MD of the builder for refunding the amount with 18% interest within 3 weeks as they failed to fulfill their commitment in the deal.In case there is no satisfactory response you will have to go to the consumer forum for passing necessary orders in the matter.

QUERY ID : EID20012015
CONSUMER : gvs kiran


expert advice by consumer voice

This has to be sort out with the company itself .You can also write to TRAI.

PRODUCT : Vodafone Recharge
BRAND : Vodafone
COMPANY : Vodafone Karnataka Circle
QUERY ID : EID20002015
CONSUMER : Makarand Markad

Recharged my friends mob. 9739288652 from Paytm Application for Rs.129 for internet data. But that recharge is basically for black berry handset, & my friend is using different handset. I also mailed to Vodafone Karnataka, but no response. My money is not refunded to me till date...

expert advice by consumer voice

You may write to appellate authority of your area stating the fact and requesting for refund.

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