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Regular tips
Natural Teeth Whitening
  Strawberries can actually whiten your teeth! They contain natural teeth whitening agents, and those annoying little seeds are good for scrubbing. But brush right afterwards!
Softer, prettier feet in summer sandals
  To keep your feet from getting rough, massage them with your favorite oil or lotion before you go to bed, and wear cotton socks overnight - then notice the difference in the morning.
Don't Leave Makeup On...
  After a long day, you may not want to go to the trouble of removing all your makeup. If you're consistently leaving it on at bedtime, though, you'll be more prone to breakouts and clogged pores. If you simply don't have time, keep some cleansing wipes by your bed. A quick clean is better than none at all.
Treat Yourself During Diets
  Remember, it's not healthy to cut all fat from your diet. Your body still needs a little to maintain good health. One way to do this is to, on occasion, treat yourself to a little of your favorite food. Your body won't crave it as much, which will discourage binging later on.
Just don't overdo it -- be responsible!
Take Care of Makeup Pencils
If you have trouble with your eyeliner or lip pencils breaking when you sharpen them, place them in the freezer for 10 minutes. This makes them slightly harder, and thus easier to sharpen.
What Should You Test?
When picking up new makeup, you can generally get away with buying mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and most eyeshadows without testing them. Lipstick, powder, foundation, and blush all need to be checked before buying. You're not likely to be able to guess without testing.
Hair Loss
If you're losing hair prematurely, see your doctor for a thyroid test. Hypothyroidism, which runs in families, can cause "shedding," even at a young age..
Mineral for Greasy Hair
  If you have oily hair, use a shampoo that contains zinc. It's okay to condition if you feel you need it -- just don't use it on your roots and scalp..
Foods That Lower Blood Pressure
Want an easy way to lower your blood pressure? Add a few new ingredients to your salads. Tomatoes, or dried beans like kidney (rajmah) and garbanzo( chick peas/chole), lower blood pressure naturally, as do bananas or peaches in your morning breakfast cereal.
Perfume for Others' Health
You may love your favorite perfume or cologne, but take co-workers and friends into account! Others may not share your taste, and some people are genuinely allergic to perfume -- it can bring on headaches and asthma attacks in some people. Use perfume sparingly. Not only will your friends thank you, but just about any scent is better when used in moderation. .
Coloring Your Hair
Don't wash your hair immediately before applying color. Your hair needs that natural oil to protect your scalp from the dye, and it also helps the hair shaft absorb the color more easily. .
Health Ranger comment
It's no joke: The way you write reveals a lot about your health and mental state. One researcher has now identified a particular handwriting trait that's linked to cardiac disease. Graphology might someday be used to help diagnose health conditions!.. .
Health experts are finally warning women to avoid using perfumes and fragrance products during pregnancy. The chemicals in cosmetics products, it turns out, cause cancer and infertility problems for the children to be born.
Is anyone surprised at this? The natural health community has been warning about the cancer risks of perfumes and cosmetics for at least two decades. .
Simple Ways to Stay in Shape
You don't have to sign up for a special class or take up a new sport to stay in shape -- just keep moving! Everything from mowing the lawn to playing ball with your friends keeps you moving, which keeps you feeling better. Throughout the day, find reasons to move more: take the stairs instead of the elevator, or go out and walk your dog. You'll get exercise, and you'll feel better, too! l.
Dress Monochrome
If you want to look taller and slimmer, try wearing one color from head to toe. Not only does it work on everybody, but it's also trendy among fashion designers!.
How many cells are in our body?
The human body consists of about 60 trillion cells, and each cell has about 10,000 times as many molecules as the Milky Way has stars.
Your eyebrows add strength and definition to your face -- so make sure to look after them! Use slant-edge tweezers when plucking, and work in the direction of the growth. When applying make-up, define your eyebrows with a shade as close to your natural hair color as possible. And if they still need neatening, use hair gel !
Avoid Water-Damaged Nails
Sometimes you just forget to wear rubber gloves when you clean around the house. Don't! Cleaning agents can be very harsh on hands, and especially nails.Your nails actually swell up a bit when exposed to water for long periods of time, and then shrink up when they dry. This combined with harsh cleaning agents can lead to brittle nails..
Healthy Eating for Hair
Did you know that hair growth and health can be affected by your diet? Iron deficiency, which comes from a diet lacking in things like meat, eggs, and cereals, can damage your hair. Make sure to eat the proper amount, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.
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