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The courts of law across the world make some amazing decisions that ought to be made by the people.- AnonymousIt happens quite often. Many individuals and organisations reach consumer forums with a request or an appeal to review, take back, revise or put a stay on its order. Such appeals […]

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The Mumbai consumer disputes redressal forum has ordered Chembur-based firm, Sevenseas Airports and Seaports Management Services, to refund money with interest to a jobseeker who was made to go through several expensive procedures on the pretext of giving him the job of a storekeeper.In an ex-parte order, the firm was […]

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The Gujarat State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has upheld a Surat consumer court’s decision ordering a gynaecologist to pay over Rs 2 lakh to a patient for forgetting a surgical sponge in her uterus after a caesarean in 2003. The consumer court in Surat had held the doctor responsible for […]

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If statistics are to be believed, the healthcare industry is on an upswing, medical costs are burgeoning, hospitals are becoming richer by the day, and the outcome of this growth has seen unprecedented year-on- year increase in cases of medical negligence. As per a November 2016 study published by Supreme […]

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A bench of VP Utpat and Onkar G Patil at Pune district consumer court has directed HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited, Koregaon Park, to pay Rs 1 lakh claim amount, along with 9 per cent p.a. interest since February 11, 2015, and Rs 10,000 costs, to a woman for […]

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A consumer court in Chennai has directed an insurance company to pay compensation to its customer who was denied the claim amount for his damaged car on the ground that the damages were not relevant to the cause andnature of the accident.The petitioner, M Chandrasekar of Kolathur, was driving with […]

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The district consumer court in Pune has ruled that an insurance company cannot be held liable for deficient service when its policy agreement clearly excludes certain physical conditions from the reimbursement of medical expenses. A bench of VP Utpat and Kshitija Kulkarni rejected the complaint by a homemaker (name withheld) […]

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A district consumer forum in Hyderabad has directed a private electronic manufacture firm and its authorised dealers to replace a TV free of cost and also pay Rs 20,000 as relief to a customer for inordinate delay in replacing the faulty piece.K Narsimha Goud bought a colour television (Sony Bravia) […]

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