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During hot summers it is the refrigerator that gives you cold water to quench your thirst, while in winters it helps you store food without having the hassle of going to the market everyday braving the cold winter mornings. But to make your refrigerator,

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How to buy the best fridge: 8 Points to ConsiderSize or Capacity: When it comes to selecting the refrigerator sizes, one should keep the need, costing and space in mind. A family of four can easily do with a 250–300 litres fridge. As a rule, keep an at least 5 […]

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How to choose the Best Refrigerator
Refrigerator buying is a serious purchase where one should put a lot of thought in it. A refrigerator is not only an integral part of our lives and kitchen but it is one purchase which stays with us

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Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa

Refrigerator food safety is an issue of great concern especially if one stores food for longer duration. Among a few important things to remember when it comes to refrigerator storage, one should know how to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth in the food. The goal of keeping food safe is

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Are you thinking of a buying a new fridge? Before investing on a refrigerator, consider important refrigerator features since buying a good fridge is an investment where you do not want to go wrong. Selecting the right and best refrigerator is not a child’s

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If you are planning to buy a new water heater or geyser, you may very well end up being puzzled by the types of water heaters and geysers, models and sizes available. What you eventually choose will depend mainly on the purpose of the

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Cable TV Digitization Dark-and-Grey Patches Ahead
On the one hand, viewers are being told that cable TV digitization means real power to them – that they will now be able to choose and pay for only those channels that they want rather than having

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Manufacturers often sell their products with a quality mark of a product certification body. Quality marks are meant to communicate the added value of the product. The extra quality may refer to one or more aspects that a consumer may be unsure about. Such

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How to Select Energy Efficient Appliances
Today we are flooded with a variety of choices when we go to the market to buy electronic or electrical products. The number of choices available in the market confuses us instead of enabling us to take a

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Consumer VOICE experts have made things easier for you by compiling a checklist to refer that will help you to choose the best AC for your household. 
The Indian market is flooded with various brands of air conditioners (ACs), with their several aggressively priced

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The Energy Efficiency Standard & Labeling (S & L) program has been successfully implemented in many countries and has brought significant impacts in terms of availability of higher quality energy efficient products in the market places resulting in energy as well as money savings

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