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Consumer VOICE is a Voluntary Action Group of Academicians, Professionals and Volunteers who work relentlessly to raise awareness amongst Indian consumers about their own Consumer Rights and the governing Consumer Laws. Consumer VOICE provides independent and unbiased reviews of food items, consumer durables, financial & banking services and much more. We empower the consumers to identify the products that are safer and value for their money.

Thank you for Supporting the Consumer Protection Bill


We are thankful to each and everyone who has supported this petition and gave voice to the cause of consumers on social media. As a consumer protection organization working for over 35 years, we welcome the passage of the CPA 2019 Bill by the Parliament and hope for an early implementation after the rule making process.



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Comparative Study for Higher Education Loan for Studying Abroad

Getting a degree from a foreign university or pursing higher education in the US or UK is a dream for thousands of students in India. However, many students are not able to fulfill this dream because of lack of financial support. However, banks offer higher education loans for students who wish to continue their higher studies abroad.

Banks Compared:  BOB, CBI, OBC, Syndicate, BOI, SBI, PNB, Axis, Indian , IOB, HDFC,  City Union,  Karur Vysya, Federal.  Read More


How do you decide or know which is ‘your’ best shaving cream when the market is flooded with a number of them. Among other things, it must be about the fragrance, the froth, the skin-friendliness and the beard-softening quotient. These attributes are dependent on the composition of the shaving cream. There are national standards with specified parameters for the composition of shaving cream.

Products Compared: Axe, Park Avenue, Godrej, Detoll, Reliance, Old Spice,Vi John, Gillittee. Read More

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The fight against NCDs and trans fat

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have emerged as the leading cause of human mortality and morbidity in low, middle and high-income countries alike and India is not an exception.Smoking and alcohol consumption adds to the problem.

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Consumer VOICE brings you the latest survey and test reports of various products and consumer durables. Download the latest and comprehensive buying guides of products and services tested and rated by our experts!

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Water Purifier Buying Guide

Did you know  that  if Total Dissolved Solids or TDS level is below 500 ppm, then there is no need for a RO water purifier. A comprehensive buying guide on how to check the TDS water level and types of water purifiers.  Read more 

Consumer Protection Bill 2019

Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 introduced in Lok Sabha on July 8, 2019 is meant to safeguard the interests of the consumers is set to replace the Consumer Protection Act 1986.  Read more 

 Higher Education Loan for India

Higher education in India is not too cheap especially if you plan to join a private university or wish to pursue medical, engineering or management courses. Here are some tips on how and where to get the cheapest education loan. Read more