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Consumer VOICE is a Voluntary Action Group of Academicians, Professionals and Volunteers who work relentlessly to raise awareness amongst Indian consumers about their own Consumer Rights and the governing Consumer Laws. Consumer VOICE provides independent and unbiased reviews of food items, consumer durables, financial & banking services and much more. We empower the consumers to identify the products that are safer and value for their money.


Test Results by our Comparative Product Testing Team

Independent and Unbiased Comparative Product Testing by Experts

High fibre’ claim by Cremica biscuit is false

Biscuits and cookies are getting more consumed during the lockdown period says a recent study. And if reports are to be believed, the 82 years old brand Parle G became the most consumed biscuit during this period. However, all’s not well with biscuit brands. And our evaluation report is here just to ensure you buy only the best!

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What is mindful eating and how it can save you?

The pandemic has offered us a rare chance to refresh our lifestyle, consumption and food habits. The thoughts of sustainable living and sustainable eating stem from this crisis period. In several consumer forums and social media platforms, the concept of sustainable eating is gaining ground. Do we know what does it include?

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From COO's Desk


Consumerism – Present and Post Covid-19

COVID-19 is spreading like wild fire throughout the world creating a path of death and destruction. Unfortunately, India has also fallen prey to this. The world is in danger of falling into a Great Depression, with millions of unemployed workers across the globe.

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A Buying Guide on How to File a Consumer Complaint

All of us are consumers in our day-to-day life in some way or the other. There are times, where we are supplied with inferior or defective products or inadequate service. But in such times, you don’t know how to approach a consumer court?

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Mr Satish Sinha , Associate Director, Toxics Link speaks about e-waste and its harmful effect on the environment and why is it important to dispose off electronic waste in a more responsible manner.

Celebrate Holi with Trans Fat Free Sweets

Kavita Devgan, famous nutritionist, columnist and author talks about the harmful effects of trans fat and why one should avoid trans fat rich sweets like gujiyas and snacks like samosas which are cooked in trans fat laden Vanaspati, this Holi.Have a safe, healthy and happy Holi!

Benefits of trans fat free food

This video talks of the benefits of trans fat free food like lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar level and why one should avoid such food to remain healthy.


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