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Download E Adhar Card Online | E-Adhar Card Status

Adhar card is a way of life in India now. to make things easier, all information is available online and there is a provision to download e-adhar card. This article is all about - how to download an e aadhar card, how to get e aadhar, and how to check e adhar status. All you need to do is to keep scrolling and you’ll come across the right answers.

How to Download E adhar?

If you want to know how to download e adhar card online, then you should realize that the process is different for people who have got their 12-digit Aadhaar number and it’s different for people who have applied for but haven’t received the 12-digit Aadhaar number yet.

The process of adhar card download is simpler for people who have an Aadhar card because they need to provide the 12-digit Aadhaar number.

The process of adhar card download online is a bit difficult for people who don’t have the 12-digit Aadhaar number as they need to keep the details like enrollment number, time and date provided in their acknowledgment slip handy.

How to Download E Aadhar from UIDAI Website?

The process of downloading e-aadhaar from the UIDAI website is very simple. It includes:

  • Visiting the UIDAI website and entering all the vital details.
  • Clicking on the option known as “Get OTP (One Time Password).”
  • After that, a user will get an OTP on the registered mobile number that should be entered into the required field.
  • Post that, the applicant needs to enter the first four letters of his/her name in capital letters and the birth year without any space as the password to access the PDF file of e aadhaar.


How to Check E-Aadhar Status Card?

If you are wondering how to check e aadhra status, then you should know that there is no waiting time. As soon as an applicant’s data is verified, the Unique Identity Number is generated. So, when you are sure that your details are verified, you can get the e aadhar instantly.

What are the Top Methods to Get E Aadhar Online?

There are three different methods of downloading e-adhar online from UIDAI website. They are:

  • Using Your Aadhaar Number
  • Using Your EID
  • Using Your VID


How to Get E Adhar Printed?

To get e adhar online print, you just need to open the PDF file and give the command to print it. If you have a printer connected to the computer, the process will take only a few seconds.

Receiving the Hard Copy of Aadhar Card

After you are done with the process of adhar card download online, you should also know that a hard copy of the Aadhar card is sent to the address which is mentioned in the registration application. You can choose to keep it with you or use the e adhar only. The hard copy is usually sent within 90 days from the time of enrolment. If the 90 days are up and you haven’t received it, you should talk to a representative of UIDAI by calling on the toll-free numbers, 1947 and 1800 300 1947.

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