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What is E Aadhar Card? | E-Aadhar Card Benefits

The digitalization wave has hit India, and the Indian government is also not untouched by it. Thanks to digitalization, the government has thought of compiling a single central database that will collect and store information of all the citizens in one place. The result of this thinking is the introduction of Aadhar number by the Unique Identification Authority of India. In simple words, Aadhar is a 12 digit alphanumeric identity that is provided by the Indian government to all it’s citizens. Now that you have an idea about Aadhar card, you should know about what is e aadhar card and e- aadhar card benefits mentioned below.

What is E-Aadhar Card?

Simply put, an e aadhar card is an electronic version of your aadhar card that can be accessed and downloaded online by sharing your enrolment ID. e-adhar is acceptable in most situations and works just like your printed aadhar card. If you are wondering how to get e aadhar, how to download e aadhar or how to check e aadhra status, just click here.

What Information is Available on an E Adhar Card?

An e-aadhaar card will have the basic information of an individual like name, photograph, Aadhar number, date of birth, sex and address. These are your aadhar details and unique.

E-Aadhar Card Benefits or Why E Aadhar?

If you are eager to know the benefits of e aadhaar, then you just need to read the following points.

  • No Lost Cards

As an e-aadhar card is virtual, you have no fear of losing it or misplacing it accidentally.

  • Easy Access

You can access it anytime online with a few clicks with your mouse and keyboard.

In addition to these unique benefits, an e-aadhar card has some similar benefits which are like the ones offered by your printed out version of aadhar card. They are:

  • Filing Income Tax is Easy

If you have the details of your e-aadhar or aadhar card handy, it will make the process of filing the income tax easier and hassle-free.

  • Getting Passports is Quick

People who have a valid e-aadhar or aadhar card can make the process of applying for the passport easy and get their passport within a few days as this document serves as proof of identity and address.

  • Bank Accounts Can be Opened Instantly

Thanks to e-aadhar or aadhar card, you can open a bank account within a short period of time, often instantaneously.

  • Pensions are Easy to Access

The biggest benefit of e-aadhar or aadhar card for senior citizens is that they are able to get their pension in a timely manner if they register the Aadhaar Card number.

  • Works as Digital Life Certificate

If you are a pensioner with e-aadhar or aadhar card, you can use the Aadhaar Card registration number online and get a digital life certificate without the need to visiting the bank and proving that you are still alive.

  • PF Disbursement is Simpler

Thanks to e-aadhar or aadhar card, you can get the provident fund in a simple manner if you just link the Card with your pension account.

  • Availing Subsidies is Easy

If you are eligible for subsidies like LPG, you can just use the e-aadhar or aadhar card Unique Identification Number to avail them. There is no need to register separately for every government benefit.

  • Other Benefits

When you have a e-aadhar or aadhar card with you, you can link it with your voter ID card, mobile number, etc. You can also use it to avail Jan Dhan Yojana, act as a proof of address for Securities and Exchange Board of India or withdraw money exceeding the amount of INR 50,000.

It is hoped that reading these benefits has made you realize that your decision to get e aadhar from e aadhar portal is correct.We also hope that you will save the e aadhar by name in your electronic devices to avail all the aforementioned benefits.

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