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How to Apply for a PAN Card Online?

Permanent Account Number is an important document that comes in handy while doing any transaction be it opening a savings bank account or applying for a debit card. It allows the income tax department to track the income of any individual, company, Hindu Undivided Family or any other person/entity. Earlier, the process took a lot of time as a person had to physically fill up forms which were specified by the income tax department. But now you can apply for PAN Card online easily by filling a PAN Card form.

Where to Apply?

You can file your PAN Card Application at the NSDL or UTIITSL website by just filling the relevant form and making an online payment. After you do both, you can send copies of relevant documents to NDSL or UTITSL to ensure verification.

How to do PAN Card Registration? The Entire Process in Steps:

  1. Fill the form available on the NSDL website after reading the instructions mentioned here- #instruct_form49A
  2. Make the payment of INR 107 (INR 994 if the communication address is not in India) via internet banking, credit/debit card or a demand draft.
  3. When the payment is complete, an acknowledgment number will be shared. Save it for future reference like knowing your PAN card status.
  4. After the payment is accepted, you need to send supporting documents (like a proof of identity, a proof of address and a proof of date of birth among others) to NSDL via courier or post.

How Do I Make Changes in PAN Card Details?

In case you want to make changes or corrections and you are wondering how to do it then you should know that the process is similar to PAN Card registration, you just need to fill a different form. Here are the steps for you.

  1. You can start by filling this PAN Card Correction Form after reading these instructions 
  2. The cost of changes/corrections is same as new PAN (INR 107 for Indian residents and INR 994 for foreign addresses).
  3. You can make the payment via net banking, debit or credit card or via a demand draft. Save the acknowledgment number displayed post payment.
  4. The last step is to send relevant documents to NSDL. The relevance of supporting documents varies from one type of case to the other. Here are a few examples:
  • For Companies

If a company opts for a name change, it needs to submit ROC’s

  • For Partnership Firms

If a partnership firm needs to change the name, it needs to share revised partnership deed

  • For Other Registered Organizations

In case any other registered organization needs to make a revision, it needs to share the revised deed, agreement or registration.

  • For Individual Applicants

If you are not a married lady who needs to change her name after the wedding, you should share publication of “name change” in a gazette or share a certification signed by a gazetted officer

  • For Married Ladies

If a woman needs to change her name on account of marriage, you need to provide a marriage certificate, the marriage invitation card or a certificate from a gazetted officer stating the name change, publication of ‘name-change’ mentioned in gazette or a copy of passport showing husband’s name.

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