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Ayurvedic, Siddha & Unani Medicines

From 1st April 2010, Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medicines sconspicuously display the date of expiry on the label of container or package and after the said date of expiry, these medicines shall not be in circulation. This is as per notification dated 15th October,

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Antibiotic Resistance

We all have used antibiotics to treat severe bacterial infections at some point or the other. But medics are now concerned about the misuse that has contributed to a rise in disease causing bacterial resistance.
What is Antibiotic Resistance?
When an antibiotic drug no

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When can a hospital be charged for medical negligence?

What is the responsibility of hospital towards its patients?
How is a government-run hospital different from a private hospital or nursing home with regard to settlement of responsibility vis-á-vis deficiency in service?
What are the role and responsibilities of a doctor towards their patients?

Responsibility of

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Tobacco – A Menace Among Children

The prevalence of tobacco smoking in India among minors aged between 15-17 years and adolescents between 18-24 years has reduced according to the latest GATS-2 (Global Adult Tobacco Survey) report of 2016-17. The situation is still alarming and remains a serious cause for concern .

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Breast reduction cannot always be cosmetic surgery

A consumer court in Ahmedabad has dismissed an insurance company’s argument that breast- reduction surgery is invariably cosmetic. The court ordered the insurance company, which had denied a 55-year-old woman’s claim, to pay all costs for the mammoplasty she had undergone. The woman had incurred medical costs amounting

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What is Saturated Fat?

Saturated fat is a bad fat found in meat and dairy products like full cream milk, cheese, butter and cream. Many cooked foods like pizza, sausage, and dairy desserts. In technical terms, saturated fats are simply fat molecules with no double bonds between carbon

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What is Organic Food 2017

Organic food is the result of a farming system which avoids the use of pesticides and man-made fertilisers, Organic farming promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. They are produced without use of genetically modified or GM components.

Myth vs Reality#MythOrganic Food

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No sale of sugary drinks in schools across the EU

The European soft drinks industry, represented by UNESDA, has announced that it will voluntarily cease sales of drinks containing added sugars in secondary schools across the EU. The move expands the existing decade-long policy of banning soft drinks from primary schools and will impact over 50,000 secondary schools

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Organic Certification and Symbols for Organic Food in India

It’s true, of course, that there’s relatively less awareness about organic products, what goes into the process, how is their credibility established, what are the long-term effects, and so on. consumers often assume that foods that are labelled ‘organic’ are good for health and

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Are Organic Food Products Healthier and Expensive too?

Many studies suggest that organic foods  products are safer and healthier than other conventionally grown food items, in addition to being better for the environment. Organic fruits and vegetables and other products have less chemical exposure and some products are more nutritious than the conventional food products.

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Diet soda may increase risk for stroke and dementia

A new study, published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke, links diet soft drinks to an increased risk for stroke and dementia. Researchers studied more than 4,000 people over 45 who had filled out food-frequency questionnaires and had periodic health examinations between 1991 and 2001. The scientists

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What Is Packaged Drinking Water?

It is water derived from varied sources including surface, ground or sea and subjected to treatment like decantation, filtration (including aeration filtration with membrane filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration), demineralisation, mineralisation and reverse osmosis. The packaged water is also disinfected before being packed

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Cinderella Women

Shahnaz Husain’s day typically begins with 20 minutes of yoga and stretching exercises. “It’s good to keep the body supple,” she says. Next comes a 20-minute soak in bath water sprinkled with rose petals and drops of sandalwood oil. Ghazal music is usually

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Body Wash And Shower Gel

Sweat, dirt and oil are the biggest enemies in the world of skin care. In our fast paced life, body wash and shower gel are fast and convenient options for a quick clean feel. These are new products in the Indian market but an

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Are Body Lotions The Perfect Winter Care

There is a general belief that the face, hands and sometimes feet need some attention during the winter months. However, real skin care should include the entire body. In the dry and cold winter weather, skin tends to get rough and needs care. Body

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Do sunscreens work?

Do sunscreens work?

Sunscreen brands have a fair bit of presence in the media these days. Going by their advice, Indians should not step out of their homes without a liberal application of the cream that is supposed to protect one from the harms of direct sunlight

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