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Ceiling Fan Buying Guide – Handy Tips to Know Before You Buy a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are one of those inventions that have stood the test of time. They have been there for decades and are here to stay. You can find a ceiling fan in most households and offices, even the ones with air conditioners because they enhance the cooling effect of the air conditioners and help save electricity and the power bills.

If you want to buy a new ceiling fan to replace the older one or to add it to a space that never had a ceiling fan before, make sure you read this ceiling fan buying guide. It has handy tips to know before you buy a ceiling fan that will help you to pick a value for money option.

Remember the Room Size

While seeking the right ceiling fan, make sure you remember the size of the room where it is to be installed and buy accordingly. A room up to 75 square feet will need a fan with 29-36 inches diameter. A room measuringbetween 76 square feet to 155 square feet will need a fan with 36-42 inches diameter while a room measuring between 144 square feet to 225 square feet will need a fan with 44 inches diameter. Similarly, a room measuring between 225 square feet to 400 square feet will need a fan with 50-54 inches diameter. If the room is larger, you are advised to buy two ceiling fans.

Know the Height

The ideal fan height from the floor of a room to the fan should be eight inches. If the room has a low ceiling, you should choose a flush mount, and the ceiling fan will be installed without any extra attachment. In case the room has high ceilings, you should install a downrod. The length of the downrod will depend on the ceiling height. If the ceiling height is 9 feet, you need a downrod measuring 6 inches. If it’s 10 feet, you need a downrod measuring 12 inches. A ceiling height of 12 feet will need a downrod size of 24 inches, and a ceiling height of 14 feet will need a downrod size of 36 inches. In case a room has a ceiling height of 16 feet, the suggested downrod size would be 48 inches, and if ceiling height is 20 feet, you need a downrod size of 72 inches.

Consider the Blades

It is recommended that you buy reversible blades so that you can reverse them according to your mood and the seasons (fans can give heating during cooler months if the blades are adjusted). Also, make sure you pick the blades that look good as the pitch of the blades matters the most when it comes to the ability to move air.

Think of Convenience

If you are the lazy type of a person, you might want a ceiling fan with a remote control or a ceiling fan with lights. Think of your convenience, and you’ll be happier. Ceiling fans with pull chains are also a worthy option, and so are pre-assembled fans.

Don’t Forget the Design and Maintenance Needs

It is also essential to buy a ceiling fan that matches the décor of a room. A ceiling fan should enhance the beauty of a room rather than reducing it. Also, make sure you buy a fan that is easy to clean, doesn’t catch a lot of dust and can be maintained for long with minimal cleaning.

Buying a ceiling fan is an important decision. Though the budget plays a vital role, the criteria mentioned in this ceiling fan buying guide also matter. So, keep them in mind when you shop for the next ceiling fan!

Divya Patwal


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