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Rs 12,000 compensation for having to pay Rs 21 extra

A resident of Bengaluru has been awarded a compensation of Rs 12,000 by the consumer court. The decision comes over a year after the man approached the court complaining of unfair trade practice.

As per a report in the Times of India, Raghavendra, who hails from the city’s Cottonpet area, had purchased a one-litre bottle of Kinley mineral water in December 2015 from GS Enterprises in Royal Meenakshi Mall. As per the complaint, he was charged Rs 40 for the bottle instead of its maximum retail price of Rs 19. Claiming he had purchased a similar water bottle from another store at Rs 19, he approached the consumer court along with relevant bills alleging that the shopkeeper and Coca-Cola had jointly conspired to cheat customers.

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