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 How to Identify Fake Silver Leaves

Consuming sweets with adulterated chandi ka varq on them can be very harmful for your health. This Video highlights 4 simple ways to identify  fake silver leaves or vark used in food items.  Read more 

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Travelling is for all irrespective of age. A travel insurance makes travel hassle and tension free! Here are top 5 reasons for having a travel insurance for senior citizens!  Read more 

Best Travel Card in India

If you want to travel convenient and hassle free, then having a multi currency travel card is  the best option. Consumer Voice has analysed the top multi currency travel cards for your benefit. Read More


Food Adulteration

By Ashita Sharma (Volunteer Consumer VOICE)

World Consumer Rights Day

By Ashita Sharma (Volunteer Consumer VOICE)

Overseas Travel Insurance

By Ashita Sharma (Volunteer Consumer VOICE)


Vendor licensing can stop blatant sale of tobacco products near schools

March27, 2019 |

THelmed by New Delhi-based Consumer Voice, the study was conducted by surveying 243 schools and 487 points of sale across 20 cities in six states. However, the final report revealed that only four of the 34 points of sale featured mandatory warning display boards.  Read more

Indian Consumers: Ask Your MPs to Adapt the Consumer Protection Bill

March14, 2019 | Moneylife News&Issues

The Consumer Protection Bill (CPB) 2018 was passed by the Lok Sabha on 20 December 2018. Actually, this bill was tabled in 2015. However, Raja Sabha did not pass the bill and the new Parliament has to take this up after the election.   Read more

Consumers shouldn't pay for bureaucratic thinking on electricity

March8, 2019 | UtilityDive

Throughout all of this, the consumer voice has largely been ignored, instead overruled by incumbent electricity generators and political interests.  Read more


Pros and Cons of Branded Curd: Should You Buy One?

The curd is one of the Indian superfoods that’s gaining a lot of global attention these days. The result, kids who used to stay away from curd when their grandmothers urged them to have some are now chasing the curd and curd recipes as adults. Thanks to the

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How to Beat the Heat with Curd?

Summers are possibly the worst time of the year for your digestion and gut health. It’s that time of the year when you don’t feel like eating anything, you want to live off liquids, and you hate the idea of having hot foods. You probably wait for fresh

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Facts About Nutrients in Curd: It’s Truly Worth It!

We all grew up hearing from our parents and grandparents about how excellent curd is for health. Well, it seems that our elders were right. Curd is packed with loads of health benefits and must be included in your daily diet no matter whether you prefer it with

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