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 Benefits of Filing Income Tax Returns

t is not only mandatory to file income tax returns but it also displays that you are a responsible citizen of the country. Filing income tax returns has its own benefits like easy accessibility of loans and proof of financial investments.  Read more 

 Consumer VOICE Digital Magazine

Consumer VOICE magazine is now available in the digital platform. Just by the click of a button you can now access all our editions online and read anytime, anywhere.  Read more 

Income tax provisions for 2018-19

Consumer VOICE financial expert, Subhas Tiwari, outlines the Income tax provisions and changes for the FY year 2018-19. Although the finance ministry may not have made significant changes in the income tax slabs and the applicable rates, it did raise the total cess on income tax to 4 per cent.   Read more 


Health Benefits of Quitting

By Divya Patwal (Web Designer Consumer VOICE)

Facts on Tobacco Consumption in India

By Divya Patwal (Web Designer Consumer VOICE)

How Tobacco Harms your Lungs

By Divya Patwal (Web Designer Consumer VOICE)


Vendor licensing can stop blatant sale of tobacco products near schools

March27, 2019 |

THelmed by New Delhi-based Consumer Voice, the study was conducted by surveying 243 schools and 487 points of sale across 20 cities in six states. However, the final report revealed that only four of the 34 points of sale featured mandatory warning display boards.  Read more

Indian Consumers: Ask Your MPs to Adapt the Consumer Protection Bill

March14, 2019 | Moneylife News&Issues

The Consumer Protection Bill (CPB) 2018 was passed by the Lok Sabha on 20 December 2018. Actually, this bill was tabled in 2015. However, Raja Sabha did not pass the bill and the new Parliament has to take this up after the election.   Read more

Consumers shouldn't pay for bureaucratic thinking on electricity

March8, 2019 | UtilityDive

Throughout all of this, the consumer voice has largely been ignored, instead overruled by incumbent electricity generators and political interests.  Read more


Critical Insurance Cover – Do You Need One?

You are living a happy life with your loved ones, you have a good job, a decent income and suddenly your medical reports state that you have a critical illness that needs long term treatment and is too costly to be true. What can help you in such

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Is Milk Giving Our Children Enough Calcium?

Our mothers and grandmothers have always boasted about how good milk is for the kids, especially growing children, and we have believed it to be true for decades. Have you ever wondered whether milk is giving enough calcium to our children? If not, it’s time you read on.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

If you live in India, it is very likely that you have mustard oil on your grocery list every month. It is an essential ingredient, and some foods like ladyfinger taste best when cooked in it. This oil is extracted from the seeds of the mustard plant and

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