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Digital Literacy Initiative – Training of Trainers Workshop: 29th July, 2017

In the chain of Digital Literacy initiative Consumer VOICE Organised Digital Literacy workshop (Training of Trainers) in collaboration with Bhartiya Manav Kalyan Samiti , on 29th July 2017 at Rajnagar District Centre, Ghaziabad as a part of project activities supported by  Consumentenbond and Consumers International.


The purpose of the project “Digital Literacy” is to make Consumers digitally literate boost their confidence to use internet and to join the digital world and economy. The Welcome address was delivered by Shri S.C.Sharma  President Bhartiya Manav Kalyan Samiti at the workshop.

Digital Literacy 29 July Trainers Training

Shri Gopal Ravi Kumar, senior expert from Consumer VOICE gave the introductory message and explained the precautions one should take while using digital mythology.
Thereafter,  Shri Subhash Tiwari, expert from Consumer VOICE highlighted the importance of Digital Literacy. He also educated the participants with Digital mythology about pros and cons through his presentation.

Sri S.C Varshney a Retd IAS and Sri Raj Kaushik a senior Jounalist, Dainik Jagaran spoke about the topic and stressed the utility of Digital education. They did also appreciate speeches made by experts and has been successful in its objective, Chief Guest Sri N. N. Verma, Ex. I A S and the first District Magistrate of Ghaziabad made concluding remarks by  wishing that the workshop will be very useful in the present need of today. He told that Digital mythology is no doubt very useful but we have to take all care and precautions and should not be dependent upon this totally.

Sri K P Singh Senior Advocate from Ghaziabad extended vote of thanks to guests and all participants who were about 100 in numbers including all groups of the society including advocates, retired senior officers, different groups including Consumers, students, representatives of consumer organizations youngsters and other business groups. Shri O P Pathak, Ex Senior P C S Officer,Shri Gaur President Bar Association Ex. Senior officers Shri Vikrmaditya, and many others from social organizations also attended the event.

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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