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Consumer Voice Magazine – July 2018 Edition Released

Event July Magazine 2018

Consumer Voice Magazine - July 2018 Edition Released

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July 2018 Edition Includes:

  • Comparative Product Testing: 9 Brands of Rice Bran Oil compared to find the Top Performer and Value for Money

  • Food Labels Decoded: 7 brands of Vanilla Ice Cream  studied for safe levels of fat, sugar etc
  • Comparative Analysis Report: 10 Pension Plans compared to find the Best Buy, Good buy and Fair Buy
  • Product Survey: 14 Models of Laptops compared
  • Legal Matters: Claiming the Right to Die: Terminally ill patients can now make a living will Other
  • Buying Guides :
  1. What things to keep on top of mind when buying a laptop?
  2. What you need to know before taking a pension plan?
  3. Perfumes and Fragrances: sources and types
  •  Consumer Matters and News :
  1.  Making road safety a national priority – workshop by Consumer VOICE
  2. Ban on growth drug oxytocin from July 1
  3. Haj pilgrims are not consumers, can’t claim refund, says top consumer court
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