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Consumer Voice Magazine – June 2018 Edition Released

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Consumer Voice Magazine - June 2018 Edition Released

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June 2018 Edition Includes:

  • Comparative Analysis to recommend Best Buys, Good Buys and Fair Buys
    1. 13 brands of Top-ups of Health insurance Plans compared
    2. 12 banks, 8 companies and post office Fixed Deposit Schemes compared
  • Food Label Decoded: 7 brands of Milkshakes and Flavored Milk
  • Product Survey: 11 regular selling Smart Phone brands
  • Buying Guides:
    1. What all to consider for a top-up health insurance plan?
    2. What all features to consider while buying a smart phone?
    3. How to pick toothpaste that is free from harmful ingredients?
    4. What are the precautions to detect adulteration while purchasing?
  • Other Consumer Matters and News
    • World No Tobacco Day Celebrated by Consumer VOICE
  • Alcohol bottles will start carrying ‘don’t drink & drive’ label
  • WHO releases REPLACE program to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fat acids from food supply
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