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Video Making Competition | Theme Jago Grahak Jago : Smart Consumers Asserting Rights and Pursuing Remedies

Video C Voice

Consumer VOICE invites short video entries to Jago Grahak Jago Youth Festival

Last Date to Submit : 30th Nov 2018

Prize Money for Winners


Prize Amount
1st Prize Rs. 20000
2nd Prize Rs. 15000
3rd Prize Rs. 10000
10 Consolation Prizes Rs. 2500/-  (each)

Last Date to Submit : 30th Nov. 2018

Details of the Competition

  1. Please read brief of a competition JGJ Competition Brief V1.0"(PDF)
  2. The competition would commence from 20th August 2018. The last date for submitting entries was 30th Sept 2018 and has been extended to 30th Nov 2018.
  3. The entries should be related to the theme. Any such entries which do not fall under the theme will be disqualified. Only qualified entries would be accepted
  4. Entries for Short Videos would be accepted online
  5. Any student or young person or amateur can enter this competition by submitting entries online. The Video should be uploaded on G-Drive or wetransfer link and mail us on the following e-mail address:
  6. The Video must be in Hindi/ English only with duration upto 5 mins only.
  7. The entries are must be in .mp4 or .mpeg format only.
  8. Participant must fill registration form along with their entries and send it to Please mention full name, address, mobile number, and e-mail ids.( Download form by clicking here)
  9. 1 participant can submit upto 3 entries only. Please use this (Link) as a starting pointing of your video.
  10. 1 participant can submit upto 3 entries only.
  11. Certificate of participation will be given to all eligible candidates on Prize Distribution event scheduled on 22nd Dec 2018.
  12. Prizes are as follows: 1st Prize- Cash prize- Rs. 20,000 + gift 2nd Prize- Cash prize- Rs. 15000 + gift 3rd Prize- Cash prize- Rs. 10,000 + gift 10 Consolation Prizes of Rs 2500 each.
  13. The prizes winners will be selected from among eligible entries by a jury appointed by the VOICE Society.
  14. Prize distribution event will be held on National Consumer Day celebration at Shah Auditorium, Rajniwas marg, New Delhi, Delhi-110054

Topics Details

List of Important Topics

  1. Unfair trade practices in retail markets.
  2. Problems faced by telecom consumers.
  3. Exploitation of consumers at retail level.
  4. Problems of buyers of Consumer durables like Fridge, TV, Air conditioners, Microwave, Washing machines, dishwashers etc. 
  5. Problems of Airline passengers.
  6. Problems of the consumer with technical and IT products like Laptop, Desktop, smartphones, tablets etc. 
  7. Problems related to MRP on packaged products. 
  8. Problems of patients in private and government hospitals.

Other Topics also may include

    1. How can a consumer protect himself from exploitation in retail markets?
    2. Can comparative testing of consumer products protect consumers?
    3. Rights of consumers
    4. Consumer Courts under consumer Protection Art of 1986.
    5. Unfair Trade practices in retail markets
    6. Problems faced by telecom consumers
    7. Exploitation of consumers at Retail level.
    8. Problems of E commerce Consumers
    9. Problems of buyers of Consumer durables like Fridge, TV, Air conditioners, Microwave, washing machines, dishwashers etc.
    10. Problems of Airlines passengers
    11. Problems of consumers with technical and IT products like Laptop, Desk top computers, smart phones, tablets etc.
    12. Problems faced by home buyers from Builders
    13. Problems from sub standard and Adulterated food products
    14. Problems related to MRP on packaged products.
    15. Artificial flavored drinks vs. natural fruit based drinks and homemade soft drinks
    16. Nutrition and health issues due to usage of cooking oils in homemade food.
    17. Problems of patients in private and Government hospitals.
    Any other subject which is related to or rising out of consumer interests in the market place.

Event Video



Jury Members

Sanjay Dattani 

Sanjay Dattani, is a Delhi based Cinematographer.   A 1984 Batch Diploma in Cinematography from  FTTI Bengaluru  ( earlier S.J.P. Institute ) He has shot many Film and TV  Projects & Multicamera Shows for various Satellite TV Channels Worldwide. He has taught Camera & Lighting Workshops in School of Convergence, Delhi; AAFT Marwah studios Noida ,   & Jagran Institute of Mass Communications , Noida . He has been a Consultant in Lok Sabha Television., Parliament of India. , and JAGRAN FILM FESTIVAL - Jury Panel Member 

Rajiv Mehrotra 

Rajiv Mehrotra is Secretary and Trustee of The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, established with the Noble Prize Rajiv was educated at St Stephen’s College, Delhi and the Universities of Oxford and Columbia. Rajiv Mehrotra has Directed/Produced more than 650 documentary films with 1700+ festival screenings globally, winning 300+ awards, including 53 national film awards from the President of India.He serves as Producer& Commissioning Editor of The Public Service Broadcasting Trust. Rajiv has twice addressed plenary sessions at the World Economic Forum at Davos and spoken to diverse audiences around the world.


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 For clarification on subject coverage or more information you can write us at: or can call/whatsapp us at 9667984141 **CV holds the rights to use the entries received on any of their platform.
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