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Importance of Wet Wipes

Hygiene and sanitisation is a big concern in India. Due to its tropical climate, India is vulnerable to  germs and diseases including viral infection, allergies, and rashes. In order to keep away from these ailments we need to look after our hygiene habits.

Due to its exceptional cleansing properties and also the cooling effect which it has on the skin and face, wet wipes provide optimum care during summers. It is used for wiping the sweat and provide a great relief from fighting out against impurities in a safe and hygienic manner.

To tackle such hygiene problems - the use of hand sanitisers and wet wipes have made a huge impact. People are understanding , just bathing doesn't work to keep away from hygiene related problems. In a fast paced life, practical and safe solutions are welcomed. Many people are pressured for time and wet wipes are quick and easy to use.

Wet wipes are literally life saviours especially when you are on the go. These wipes are a mixture of with liquid/lotion on a tissue customised for varied skin types. The product is natural, gentle and soft soothing for the skin. They have improvised techniques that caters to keep the skin soft and healthy. These wipes are highly absorbent as they are made from non-woven fibres that are 10 times more absorbent than cotton. They are also very portable and compact in size therefore can be used while travelling, office or on the go.

Wet wipes came into existence in the 1970s and before that the traditional clothes/handkerchiefs were used. Today’s busy world has more use of wet wipes irrespective of age and gender. Mothers find them extremely useful, they have one pack always handy for their kids and their personal use. Wipes can be stored in cars to be used while travelling to keep themselves fresh as well as to keep their hands clean before having anything eatable on the move. Sanitizing before and after a meal proves to be a healthy habit that is beneficial for the whole family. Wipes can be used while using public washrooms. They can be a part of your office desk for wiping your office desk, computer, keyboard and others as it not only sanitizes but also cleans and kills germs.

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