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Why Consumer VOICE?

Consumer VOICE has been a champion of Consumer Rights and Laws in India since 35 years. Independence and impartiality are at the heart of everything we do. We believe our unique position and clear values gives consumers the fairest way to get the legal advice they need.

Who can we help?

We can help you if you are an individual having a grievance against any brand or service provider or if you are a group of consumers having some concerns or disputes. To understand who is a consumer and what all entails the Consumer Protect Act 1986, click here

What fee do we charge?

Basic Legal Advice is free of cost for our Consumer VOICE Magazine Subscribers; however there would be a small token amount for others. Further charges are levied as per services  requested for such as serving legal notice, court case filing and arbitration

Disclaimer: We can't help institutional members (schools, organizations, companies or others with group memberships) through Consumer VOICE. We do not represent you in civil or criminal matters and neither do we take up any case related to commercial and business purpose. Consumer VOICE will try its level best to get the issue resolved.

How can Consumer VOICE help?

  • We empower you with knowledge to deal with retailers, manufacturers and service providers.
  • We direct you to an appropriate agency to lodge a complaint.
  • We assist you to serve a legal notice or mediate or file a consumer complaint.
  • We represent you in consumer court and pursue litigation.

How to contact our legal experts?

Please fill the form given below and our legal helpdesk will contact you.

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