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Which dishwashing bar is the most effective and consumer-friendly?

Consumer Voice, a Delhi-based consumer-interest organisation, tested 10 utensil cleaning bars in the price range of Rs 5-8 per 100g on parameters such as cleaning efficiency and surface damage. Presented here are the key findings and a summary of the lab reports. Housewives in each Indian household face the task of washing utensils after every meal. Gone are the days of washing utensils using the ashes from the Kitchen chulha which used wood and coal. Read more


Study finds most oil in country is adulterated

Chennai: Eight out of 10 coconut oil samples sold in the country are adulterated, according to a study by Consumer Voice, a leading consumer organisation, working under ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ programme of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The study revealed that adulteration was found in eight major varieties namely mustard, sesame, coconut, sunflower, palmolein, soybean, groundnut and cottonseed oil. Read more

Government Offices declared Tobacco-free

GUWAHATI: In a recent letter written by Union Health Secretary, Preeti Sudan to the Chief Secretaries of all State & Union Territories, a proposal to make government offices tobacco free in order to protect public health in their specific states was accepted. Consumer VOICE and Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum, Assam have applauded the decision by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to declare Government Offices and buildings “Tobacco Free”. Read more

India Namkeen Market Overview, 2018-2023

Indian consumers seem to have recovered their taste for traditional snacks with impressive growth rate of local and regional players in Last couple of Years: Bonafide Research. "The snack market has recently seen a boom in the number of traditional snack manufacturers who produce packaged products but it is very essential for them to develop a sound strategy and have an in-depth knowledge of their target consumers." Read more

How pure is the honey that’s sold in the Indian market?

Serious doubts have arisen over the purity of natural honey brands sold in the Indian market. Consumer Voice tested 10 well known brands of honey as per the latest standards notified by Food Safety and standards Authority of India ( FSSAI) and other national standards. The test results have raised dark clouds over the purity of natural honey sold in the Indian market. These new standards come in to effect from 1 Jan 2019. Read more

Corporation yet to receive orders on licensing tobacco outlets

Chennai: In view of the rising tobacco consumers in Tamilnadu among other south Indian States, the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation released a circular 25 September directing to develop a mechanism to licence, through local body authorities, shops selling tobacco products. The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2, released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in June, revealed that there has been a rise of 3.8 per cent points from 16.2 per cent in GATS 1 to 20 per cent in GATS 2. The study further points out that 31 per cent men, 9.3 per cent women and 20 per cent adults either smoke tobacco and / or use smokeless tobacco. Read more

State Level Dissemination Workshop on Tobacco Control in Assam

GUWAHATI: Consumer VOICE, Delhi and Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum, Assam organised a state level workshop on tobacco control at Hotel Ambarish Grand Residency, Paltan Bazar, Guwahati, today. The purpose of the event was sensitization of stakeholder on tobacco control measures, especially to protect young generation from tobacco menace. Amarjeet Singh Panghal, Adviser Legal & Projects, Consumer VOICE shared key findings of a recent study conducted about tobacco vendors in three cities in the state of Assam.  Read more

Can Big Ads and Tall Claims Guarantee Purity of Honey? No, Reveals Test

For its numerous health benefits and as a natural sweetener, honey has been consumed for ages. But the various brands of honey that we get nowadays may not bring the health benefits traditionally assigned to it. Recent tests done on ten leading brands by ‘Consumer Voice’, a Delhi based NGO (non-governmental organisation) working on consumer rights, reveal that the brands don’t comply with the safety measures they ought to.  Read more

Students sensitised to road safety

The Chandigarh Traffic Police in collaboration with the Citizen Awareness Group, Chandigarh, and Consumer Voice observed World Day of Remembrance for Road Accident Victims at the Children Traffic Park in Sector 23 here today. More than 150 citizens and NSS students of DAV College Sector 10, here took part in the event. A two-minute silence was observed in memory of those who lost their lives in road accidents. It was followed by a candle march. Read more

Citizens Awareness Group holds walk

Citizens Awareness Group, Chandigarh with support from Consumer Voice, Delhi organized a peaceful walk which originated from Traffic Park, Sector 23 here on Sunday to mark the World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims and demanded safer roads for all. Many citizens participated in the peace walk. This year’s slogan of World Day of Remembrance is ‘Roads Have Stories’. This annual global event represents a significant opportunity to call attention to the pathetic road safety situation in the country. Read more

Citizens Awareness Group holds walk in memory of mishap victims

Chandigarh: The Citizens Awareness Group here organized a walk which originated from Traffic Park, Sector 23, here on Sunday to mark World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and demanded safer roads for all. Many city residents participated in the peace walk. This year's slogan was 'Roads have Stories'.  Read more

Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill for a world without road accidents?

Around 44,000 young people (under 25 years of age) became victims of unsafe roads in our country last year. Tomorrow, on November 18, as we observe the sombre occasion of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, we have to remember those who lost their lives in road accidents and take a pledge to minimise these. Ironically, a majority of road accidents are preventable.  Read more

Indian and the Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Act of 1986 defines a consumer as one who avails or buys one or more items from a vendor/seller or avails of any service from a service provider at a cost. In the Amendment to the Act, in the year 2000, the ambit has been expanded to include business people who avail of a service from any service provider. There are a number of consumer organisations in India, such as Mumbai Grahak Panchayat, Consumer Voice in Delhi, and Cuts International in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Consumer Guidance Society of India operates a Helpline in Mumbai.  Read more

Human Rights Watch Wins Award for Nursing Home Study

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care presents the award to an individual or organization whose work has expanded coverage and public understanding of long-term care for older people. The award was presented in recognition of Human Rights Watch’s 2018 report “‘They Want Docile’: How Nursing Homes in the United States Overmedicate People with Dementia.” “We are honored to receive Consumer Voice’s recognition for this work,” said Bethany Brown, researcher on older people’s rights at Human Rights Watch.  Read more

Data protection bill detrimental to economy, writes advocacy group to rs prasad

While the government is in the process of devising institutional measures to protect consumers' personal data, an advocacy group has written to Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad against the limited scope of the legislation in work, which, it said, will "harm the overall globalization of the economy" in the long run.

Consumer VOICE on 21 October said that though the move may seem right in the short run, it eventually will prove to be detrimental to the economy.  Read more

How the Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank merger will impact you

Customers will have to deal with the branch rationalisation exercise. For instance, your existing home branch could shut shop if the new acquiring entity has its own branch in the vicinity. Keep an eye on the new IFSC and MICR code applicable to your branch and account as you will be required to quote it for funds transfer and other financial transactions. “In case of SBI Associates-SBI merger, the account numbers did not change, but the home branch was changed and a new branch code was applicable says Gopal Ravi Kumar, Advisor, Consumer VOICE.  Read more

Consumer Voice urges to increase cess on tobacco products

The NGO has urged for imposing cess on all tobacoo products to raise revenue for disaster relief is a win-win as it will save lives by reducing consumption across India and save lives affected by the natural calamity. Global experience around the world has shown that even while such a tax increase will decrease use, government revenue will increase.
"Imposing additional cess on all tobacoo products, including bidis, will be a huge win for public health and revenue generation. This move will provide much needed relief to the people of Kerala while motivating millions of tobacco users to quit and preventing youngsters from initiating tobacco use," said Consumer Voice COO Ashim Sanyal, in a stament here today.  Read More

Consumer Rights Groups Move Assam Govt On E-Cigarettes

GUWAHATI: Two consumer rights’ advocacy organisations have requested the Assam government to ban e-cigarettes in the state.

City-based Consumers’ Legal Protection Forum and New Delhi-based Consumer VOICE have for the second time written a letter addressed to the Assam chief minister; health minister and health secretary, referring to the recent advisory issued by the Union ministry of health and family welfare, asking all states and Union Territorries to ban the sale of e-cigarettes. Read More

Lifestyle major reason for heart problems, says doc

Chennai: Despite several hospitals, experts, government and NGOs creating awareness on cardiovascular diseases, doctors in the city opine that the prevalence of the condition is high, more so because of change in lifestyle and multiple factors linked to it. The experts say that for every 1 lakh of population 300-340 deaths are caused due to cardiac problems. Coronary heart disease and stroke are the most common threats, they say.“Globally, tobacco causes over 2 million deaths from cardiovascular diseases every year. Breathing secondhand smoke also causes coronary heart disease, including heart attack,” opines Consumer Voice chief operating officer Ashim Sanyal.  Read More

Admn urged to ban e-cigarette

A city-based NGO has urged the Chandigarh Administration to ban the sale of e-cigarettes on the pattern of Punjab.

According to GATS-2 (Global Adult Tobacco Survey) report, 13.7 per cent of adults in the UT consume tobacco in some form or the other. Citizen Awareness Group and Delhi-based Consumer Voice have raised a concern over increasing trend of e-cigarette use. Read More

National Recovery Month: Help available for Oregonians

The impacts of mental health, gambling and substance use disorders are far-reaching, from personal well-being and relationships to the larger community. This National Recovery Month, the Oregon Health Authority reminds Oregonians that the power of recovery is within their reach and that help is available.The Office of Consumer Activities, which is staffed by peers, ensures that the consumer voice is integrated into OHA policies and programs. Read More

Auto dealers fighting to keep their power on DMV board

Auto dealers stand to lose some political heft in Texas next spring if lawmakers accept recommendations to reduce the industry’s presence on the board that affects everyone on the road, from setting trucking load rules to the nuances of vehicle registration and sales. While several agencies are subject to new governance in the upcoming legislative session, changes at the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles proposed by the Sunset Advisory Commission come amid pleas from dealers who insist the current model is fair to both consumers and car salespeople. At a hearing in May, the Sunset Commission’s general counsel noted that the DMV board, in addition to needing a stronger consumer voice, also lacks transparency.  General Counsel Steve Ogle helps provide direction to the board. Read More

Voting And Registration Becomes Cause Marketing’s Latest Trend

Brands use cause marketing to align themselves with a variety of social issues but in the US, recently the most pressing—and popular—way has become encouraging consumers to vote. National Voting Day was on September 25, drawing brands from across industries to spread awareness. Snapchat turned to its young consumer base to encourage voting through a partnership with TurboVote. While encouraging others to vote may not be choosing sides on a particular issue, it shows that the brand cares and values the consumer’s voice—which is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Read More

Let Indian users decide on data localisation: Experts

NEW DELHI: Amid the Indian government's call to store datalocally, experts here said on Friday that the consumers should be free to choose jurisdiction in which data can be stored and it might not be prudent to force data localisation. According to Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, Country Manager, The Software Alliance, consumers should be free to choose jurisdiction in which data can be stored, and "different options could appear as a drop down menu to enable consumer choice".  Ashim Sanyal from VOICE said data localisation is anti-consumer from the point of view of quality and cost of services and it is unlikely to help in data protection. Read More

Feeling cheated by an enterprise? Let the online helpers take over

Gowtham MD ordered study material that would help him prepare for the Civil Services examination from He neither received acknowledgement for his 900 payment, nor any intimation on when the material will land. After several failed attempts at calling and emailing Notesduniya, he posted a complaint on Aggrieved consumers across the country are increasingly turning to consumer complaint, redressal and awareness portals — like, JagoGrahakJago,, Consumer VOICE, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat, Consumer Psyche, CUTS International and Lost & Found — to resolve issues. The issues, again, are wide-ranging. It could be a faulty product, receiving a brick instead of a mobile phone from an e-tailer, or losing a pet or important documents.

 Read More

Anti-tobacoo body for vendor licensing, ban on e-cigarettes

Advocating for a smart, healthy city, the National Organisation for Tobacoo Eradication (NOTE) together with Consumer Voice, a Delhi-based organisation, held an awareness session on the dangers of tobacoo and e-cigarettes for staff of the Corporation of the CCP on Wednesday.They also appealed to the CCP to introduce vendor licensing, where all outlets selling tobacoo products will need to be registered and will be permitted to sell only tobacoo products.

 Read More

Survey says 50% Adults In Assam Use Tobacco; The State witnesses Alarming 9 % Increase

According to a new survey, it is come to know that nearly 50 percent of all adults in Assam use Tobacco. The Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2 (GATS2) report released by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has come to the conclusion that around 48.2 percent of all adults in Assam consume smoke tobacco or use smokeless tobacco.Conveying worry over the issue Ashim Sanyal, Chief Operating Officer, of Delhi based Consumer VOICE said, “The rise in a number of tobacco users especially smokeless is a cause of worry because it is easily accessible to children and youth. We are working in the state through our programmes to protect the public, especially youth and children from exposure to tobacco use.”  Read More

Nearly 50% Adults In Assam Use Tobacco As The State Sees Alarming 9 % Increase

The recent Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2 (GATS2) released by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) shows 62.9% among men and 32.9% of women and 48.2% of all adults in Assam either consume smoke tobacco and /or used smokeless tobacco.Consumer VOICE, New Delhi along with Consumers Legal Protection Forum, Assam initiated several tobacco related intervention programmes in Assam focussed primarily on youth and children, to sensitize different stakeholders and spreading awareness towards reducing the consumption of tobacco.  Read More

Nearly 10% adults in Goa use tobacco

The recently released Global Adult Tobacoo Survey 2 (GATS 2) shows that tobacoo consumption has increased by almost 1% compared to the previous such survey held in 2009-10 (GATS 1), when it was 8.8%. However, an overall reduction in tobacoo consumption has been noted at the national level, sttes the survey."The rise in number of tobacoo users, sepecially smokeless ones, is a cause of worry because it is easily accessible to children and youth. Through our programmes we are trying to protect the public, specially youth and children, from exposure to tobacoo use, " said CEO of Consumer Voice, a consumer rights group, Ashim Sanyal.  Read More

Urgent attention of Parliamentarians for saving lives on Indian roads

Our Government can move forward to pass in the Rajya Sabha the too-long delayed Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, which strengthens road safety measures that have been proven to reduce deaths in other countries. In a survey conducted by Consumer VOICE, a civil society organization, 97% of consumers surveyed felt the bill deserved the support of all parties, and that it was an important step towards reducing road crash deaths. The public demands passage of this bill.  Read More

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill: Things you should know while driving in India

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill has already been passed in Lok Sabha but is yet to be passed by Rajya Sabha. This may have revolutionary impact on your life while on the road. It is currently being opposed by various opposition parties for restraining powers of the state governments and favouring corporates which have the provisions that will make Indian roads safe. A survey was conducted last year by an organisation which is involed in policy making as Consumer Voice, 96% customers believed that by 2020 the road accident will be reduced if the bill would help meet the UN mandate.  Read More

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill will change the way India drives

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill which has been passed in the Lok Sabha and has to be passed by the Rajya Sabha is opposed by various opposition parties. A survey conducted last year by Consumer Voice says that  96 per cent of the consumers believed that the passage of the Amendment Bill would help in reducing the road accidents up to 50 per cent by 2020. Read More

Eminent citizens write to PM, urge him to make road safety a national priority

Eminent Citizens, industrialists, bureaucrats, parliamentarians and survivors of road accidents, grouping under an informal coalition called Road Safety Network, have sent an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on making road safety a national priority.Road Safety Network has been formed by four organisations - Parisar, CUTS International, Consumer Voice and CAG (Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group). The letter, which has been issued by Parisar on behalf of the network, was sent to the Prime Minister over email on Sunday while a hard copy was delivered on Monday. Read More

Ban sought on e-cigarettes in Himachal

Himachal Upbhokta Sanrakshan Parishad (consumer protection forum) and Consumer Voice, which are working collectively against tobacco use in HP, on Thursday urged the Himachal government to ban e-cigarettes in the hill state. In a joint letter to the Chief Minister, Jai Ram Thakur and Health minister, Vipin Singh Parmar, Chairman of the Himachal, the two voluntary organisations working on consumer awareness and education said the youngsters are being lured towards e-cigarettes by projecting them to be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, which is wrong as they contain nicotene. Read More

Bhopal: Ban e-cigarettes in Madhya Pradesh, says NCHSE to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

National centre for human settlements & environment (NCHSE) and consumer voice has urged in its letter to the CM to ban e-cigarettes in the state. NCHE have raised the issue of increasing smoking practices among the youths on the name of safe smoking and wanted to ban the e-cigarette. In India e-cigarette is currently banned in 8 states: Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, Bihar, Mizoram, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala. Recently, health minister of Tamil Nadu announced in the legislative assembly that the state government is going to ban e-cigarette in the state. Read More

How healthy is your toned milk?

There was a time when milk was considered as the best food for human health. Not anymore. In 2012, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the national food regulator conducted a test on milk across the country and found them adulterated. Out of 1,791 samples taken from 33 states, only 32% were found to be in conformity with food laws. The remaining 68% failed. Water was found to be the most common adulterant. VOICE tested nine popular brands of packaged toned milk on a range of quality, safety and acceptability parameters. These included milk fat, milk solids not fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium and vitamin. Read More

Public Interest: Know the quality of your basmati rice before picking it

There are hundreds of varieties of rice grown and eaten throughout the world. Basmati rice is a special variety which is grown in specific areas of West Punjab (now Pakistan) and some parts of India. Basmati rice is known for its long grains and aroma. There are Agmark standards for basmati rice . Consumer Voice tested 12 leading brands of basmati rice on the above-mentioned parameters as well as other key quality determinants. A crucial aspect of the test was DNA analysis of the samples to detect adulteration with non-basmati rice. Other key parameters included grain length/ breadth ratio, average precooked grain length and elongation ratio. Read More

Workshop held on Road Safety

New Delhi, June 20 (UNI) With a basic aim to save human lives on road, Consumer Voice - a pioneer consumer protecting group had organised a workshop to appeal 'Making Road safety a National Priority'. The initiative focused on the 30 year old Motor Vehicles Act 1988 which require immediate amendment to address tremendous changes in the road safety scenario in India. Read More

Make road safety national priority: memorandum

Seeking to make road safety a national priority, a memorandum addressed to the president and the prime minister was signed at an event in New Delhi today. The initiative by Consumer Voice, a Delhi-based non-profit group, focused on the need to amend the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to address the change in road safety scenario in India."The participants of the workshop signed a memorandum to prime minister, vice president, president and chief justice of India to make road safety a national priority, according to a statement by the organisers. Read More

NGO calls on RS to approve Motor Vehicle Act amendment

In a bid to reduce road accident deaths in India, Consumer Voice, which works for citizens road safety, on Tuesday asked the Rajya Sabha to pass the bill amending the three-decade-old Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.The amendment bill, passed by the Lok Sabha on April 11 this year, is currently pending in the upper house. Speaking at a national workshop on the issue organised here, Consumer Voice Secretary Ashim Sanyal noted that the amendment calls for strong e-governance, heavy fine for traffic violations and capping maximum liability for the third party insurance at Rs 10 lakh in case of death in motor accident. Read More

Report: VA ratings hide poor quality care from public

Over the years, the Veterans Administration has worked out a plan to erase the public reports of terrible treatment and conditions in VA homes, including a 2009 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story about a home in Philadelphia where a veteran’s leg had to be amputated after an infection in his foot went untreated for so long his toes turned black and attracted maggots. The VA has “got this whole sort of parallel world out there that’s hidden,” said Robyn Grant, director of public policy and advocacy at the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, tells the Boston Globe/USA Today team. “I still can’t get over that this information is not available to people who are looking for a veteran’s home; that’s just unacceptable.” Read More

No Tobacoo Day observed by Consumer Voice at Ambala

Ambala, May 31 (UNI) World No Tobacoo Day was observed by Consumer Voice on Thursday, to create awareness and encourage people to reduce or completely stop tobacoo consumption in any form all over the world. Consumer Voice Convenor Kavita Purohit said the World No Tobacoo Day 2018 focused on the impact of tobacoo on the cardiovascular health of peopleworldwide. Read More

How good are digestive biscuits

This test of biscuits focuses on brands that offer digestive claims to offer a rich source of dietary fibre. Consumer Voice carried out comparative tests  on nine brands  available in Indian market. The dietary fibre content was given the highest weightage (20 per cent). Digestive biscuits are baked with white flour (maida) , sugar, milk fat, milk etc. The contents of this snack are broken down in the stomach and absorbed by the body. Dietary fibre content in a biscuit is, however, not absorbed by the body and passes through the intestine and colon in to stool. Read More

Fighting pollution with air purifiers? How you may still be breathing in poison

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) recent report said, "9 out of 10 people in the world are breathing polluted air and approximately 7 million people die daily as a result of household and outdoor air pollution". It is sad to say that this air pollution is just not hurting you outdoors, it is also affecting you at your home and the workplace/office. On the basis of this report, Consumer Voice of India also published a report on Air Purifiers and defined the basic parameters that should be present in the air purifiers. KC Chaudhary, Technical Department. Consumer Voice informed about the type of filters that should be used in air purifiers and the parameters that should be followed while manufacturing them. Read More

Fighting pollution with air purifiers? How you may still be breathing in poison

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) recent report said, "9 out of 10 people in the world are breathing polluted air and approximately 7 million people die daily as a result of household and outdoor air pollution". It is sad to say that this air pollution is just not hurting you outdoors, it is also affecting you at your home and the workplace/office. On the basis of this report, Consumer Voice of India also published a report on Air Purifiers and defined the basic parameters that should be present in the air purifiers. KC Chaudhary, Technical Department. Consumer Voice informed about the type of filters that should be used in air purifiers and the parameters that should be followed while manufacturing them. Read More

Testing Testing

In the early decades of Independence, Indian consumers were made to believe that the only way to quench summer thirst is to drink carbonated aerated water — cola, orange or lemon flavours. However, in recent years, with the onset of lifestyle diseases and obesity, Indian consumers are slowly learning to avoid bottled aerated drinks as they contain only water, sugar and carbon dioxide to give the fizz and the flavours are not natural but artificial.Consumer Voice selected nine brands from the open markets and subjected them to lab testing. As per label declarations, only three mixed fruit juice brands -- Real Activ (100 per cent) by Dabur, Tropicana (100 per cent) by Pepsi and 24 Mantra Organic (100 per cent) by Sresta Natural (shown in the table) -- are pure juices (100 per cent), which are not allowed to add sugar.   Read More

Impact of Internet on agriculture

Sukhwinder Singh is a re-born farmer from district Sangrur in Punjab – from conventional to organic farming. Born in post green revolution era which specialised in usage of fertilisers and pesticides, he had never thought of farming without using urea, the popular chemical fertiliser in the rural hinterland of Punjab and Haryana. Urea is popularly known as ray-spray in Punjab. His father and three uncles had nearly 100 acres of farm and enjoyed the surplus from green revolution and were able to send Sukhwinder and his cousins to study in good colleges and universities. Sukhwinder became the first generation university student to graduate in his family.  Read More

Shocking salt levels found in bread sold in India, reveals WASH survey

In its study, WASH surveyed over 2,000 white, wholemeal, mixed-grain and flatbreads from across 32 countries and regions including India and found that 34% of bread in the survey contained more than 1.25g of salt per portion, which is a third of the maximum daily intake of salt as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that is maximum 5gram in a day.Ashok Kanchan, the chief advisor of Food Division at Consumer Voice, during a candid talk with Zee Business's Suman Agrawal said that the FSSAI has no regulation on mentioning salt-content on the pack of bread and that is one of the reasons that these companies avoid mentioning the details on salt-content on their packets.  Read More

Pictorial warning: NGO welcomes move

CHANDIGARH: Citizens Awareness Group, a city-based NGO, has welcomed the decision of the health ministry of replacing the existing images on tobacco products and has now released a new set of 85% pictorial health warnings for mandatory display on both sides of the packets of cigarettes, bidis and chewing tobacco with effect from September 1, 2018. Ashim Sanyal at the Consumer VOICE, a voluntary group of academicians, professionals and volunteers said, "The recently released Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2016-17 by Union ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) has put to rest all apprehensions about the effectiveness of the warnings, since 62% of cigarette smokers and 54% of bidi smokers shared that they had thought of quitting because of the 85% pictorial warnings on the packets." "And 46% of smokeless tobacco users thought of quitting because of the warnings on smokeless tobacco products." Read More

Tobacco vendors in state to be mapped

PANAJI: In order to assist the government in curbing the sale of tobacco to children, the National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), together with Consumer Voice, a consumer organisation based in Delhi, is beginning a survey of vendors selling tobacco and its products in the state. A team will travel across the state and will use an app to map each place where cigarettes and tobacco products are sold. Special attention will be paid to vendors found selling them in the vicinity of educational institutions. Read More

NOTE worried as more ladies in Goa are smoking

PANJIM: National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) President Dr Shekhar Salkar on Friday said they were worried about the increasing number of ladies smoking in the State, though the smoking population in the State had reduced from 50 per cent in 1984 to10 per cent in 2018. Addressing the media, Salkar said, “We are worried that number of ladies smoking is increasing a bit. This is because of our culture and tourism.”Meanwhile, Consumer VOICE chief operating officer Ashim Sanyal said, “Goa is a real good example of tobacco control achievements.”. Read More

Consumer VOICE welcomes 85 % pictorial health warnings on cigarette packets

Panaji, Apr 6 (UNI) Consumers VOICE, a voluntary action group of academicians, professionals and volunteers, on Friday welcomed the decision of the Health Ministry of replacing the existing images on tobacco products, and releasing a new set of 85 per cent pictorial health warnings for mandatory display on both sides of the packets of cigarettes, bidis, and chewing tobacco with effect from September 1, 2018. Addressing a press conference at International Centre Goa (ICG) near here, Ashim Sanyal, COO Consumer VOICE, said the Health Ministry has implemented, from April 2016. Read More

Road accident deaths on the rise

Assam is among four states in the country, which has seen an increase in road accident fatalities between 2-8 per cent during January-July 2017. Assam has recorded 2,572 road accidents fatalities in 2016-17.According to an NGO Consumer Voice, there has been a 3 per cent reduction in road accidents during the period along with a 4.75 per cent reduction in road accident fatalities across the country. Read More

Pass the Motor Vehicles Bill, Civil Society urges MPs

A coalition of road safety organizations and the victims of road accidents have urged the government to get the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill passed in the Budget session of the Parliament beginning Monday.Road safety experts have called the passage of the Bill as key to improve the dismal road safety record in India. Ashim Sanyal, chief operating officer of Consumer VOICE, said every crash leaves an indelible scar on the family and the community. Read More

Coalition of road safety orgs urges govt to pass motor vehicle bill

A coalition of road safety organisations has urged the government to get the proposed motor vehicles amendment bill passed in the upcoming session of Parliament, saying its provision will go a long way in checking accidents which claim nearly 1.5 lakh lives on roads in the country every year.Ashim Sanyal of the Consumer VOICE said every crash leaves an indelible scar on the family and the community, but that daily crashes are making society numb and reducing these was crucial, it said. Read More

Road safety bodies urge Centre to amend motor vehicles Bill

A coalition of road safety organisations has urged the government to get the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill passed in the coming session of Parliament. The Bill seeks to make key amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, considered critical to improving the dismal road safety record in the country. Ashim Sanyal, Chief Operating Office of Consumer VOICE, said that every road accident leaves an indelible scar on the family concerned as also the community, but such daily mishaps are making society numb and reducing these to just statistics. Read More

Nearly 9L people die chewing tobacco products

Tobacco products remain easily available to students

E-commerce has empowered consumers

Road Safety Week observed

As internet proliferates, it will revolutionise healthcare ecosystem

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: Study

Consumer organisation seeks action over poor internet speed

Poor Internet speed may mar Digital India drive: Study


Internet speed far below what service providers claim: study

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: study

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: study

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: Study

Poor Internet speed may mar Digital India drive: Study

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: Study

Internet speed far below what service providers claim: Study

Consumer organisation seeks Trai's action over poor internet speed

Consumer organisation seeks action over poor internet speed

Vehicle makers, govt agencies urged to focus on road safety


Over 76,000 booked for speeding in city since July, says DCP

Speaking at a seminar on car safety organised by the Consumers’ Association of India and Consumer Voice on Thursday, North Chennai Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) D. Shanmugha Priya said starting July, the State Road Safety Council has been strictly implementing the Supreme Court Committee’s recommendations of cancelling or suspending drivers’ licences for traffic violations. The Council, chaired by the Transport Minister, includes officials from various government departments, including highways and transport and the police. Read More

Road safety will be impacted by delay lament NGOs and activists, write to Rajya Sabha Chairperson

 It has emerged that the Select Committee constituted by the Rajya Sabha to look into and resolve issues raised by the opposition in the monsoon session of the Parliament has missed the deadline set for it by the house to submit its report recommending changes to the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2017.The Committee, chaired by Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (BJP) had been instructed to table its report by the first day of the winter session, without extension of time. Read More

The Bill that will change the way India drives may come up in this Winter Session

The Motor Vehicle Act (Amendment) Bill 2017, which proposes imposition of hefty penalties on auto companies found manufacturing faulty vehicles, is coming up in the Rajya Sabha in this Winter Session. The Bill also seeks statuary guidelines for cab aggregators and a 10% annual increase in penalties for traffic rule violations. Read More

Consumer VOICE welcomes NGT Order against hookah bar owners in Delhi

In an observational study conducted by Consumer VOICE, a pioneer consumer protection group working for consumer education and issues since 1983, in partnership with MART found that Hookah bars continue to be located near educational institutions in Delhi, and none of them had personnel checking the age of the customers. Warrants were issued by the National Green Tribunal against hookah bar owners in Delhi in the case of use of tobacco of any kind in any hookah and their services to the customers in the restaurants/hotels. Read More

‘Hookah bars still running near schools’

The survey found that 17% of the minors surveyed — from the age of 13 upwards — consumed hookah in these bars. The timings of visit by children and young adults in these bars coincided with school hours or immediately after. Read More

Deaths in road accidents see steepest decline ever

Asim Sanyal of Consumer Voice, a non-profit entity campaigning for the improvement in Motor Vehicles law said, "We have appealed to the law makers that if the MV Amendments Bill is further deferred, we will be putting at risk precious lives of citizens. Stronger law backed by better enforcement have reduced road deaths in other countries." Read More

Tobacco products still available around Delhi schools despite ban

Observational visit was undertaken by Consumer Voice Delhi, an organisation working on consumer issues, covered 30 schools in south and east Delhi. They found tobacco being sold in 11 schools. The non-government organisation covered both government and private schools. Read More

CAIT for early passage of Consumer Protection Bill

"In the changing market place with e-commerce and financial products having made heavy inroads, the outdated Consumer Protection Act of 1988 serves little or no purpose in protecting consumers. Blatant misleading advertisements are selling norms today. Thus the only way to protect consumers from falling prey is to introduce authoritative powers, strengthening of consumer commissions, class action suits, penalties and host of other measures as exist in the draft amendment bill," Ashim Sanyal, COO of NGO Consumer VOICE, told IANS. Read More


Loose edible oil highly adulterated

The poor who buy loose edible oil across the country run the risk of cancer, paralysis, liver damage and cardiac arrest as such oils are heavily adulterated, a recent study conducted by a consumer organisation has said.

 Laboratory tests carried out by Consumer Voice, a voluntary consumer organisation, after lifting 1,015 samples of loose edible oil from 15 states found that nearly 85% of coconut oil samples failed to meet the specified norms. Similarly, 74.1% of cotton seed oil samples, 74% of sesame oil and 72% of mustard oil samples did not pass the tests.. Read More

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