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Lab test results to know the purest honey brand in India

Honey is one of the most adulterated food products. The adulterants include sugar that is dextrose glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, invert sugar, flour, corn syrup, starch, or any other similar product, other than floral nectar. Consumer VOICE is tested 10 popular brands of honey and found none of them is pure honey as per the FSSAI standards. You will also find manufacturers comment in the detailed test reports below.

Brands Tested:  24 Mantra, Badiyanath, Dabur, Fresh & Pure,  Hitkary , Himalaya, Khadi, Patanjali, Reliance and Zandu. 

Like it or not, there is more to honey than its tempting colour and flavour. There is no denying that honey in its pure form is a powerhouse of Tramadol Online Best Price – from fighting ulcers to treating coughs and cuts. But not all honey sold in the market is pure. Honey is often adulterated, which means it is mixed with glucose solutions, sweet syrups, or low-quality honey with high water content. The following report will clarify whether the various brands of honey available in the market meet the basic requirements, in particular those concerning purity.

Adulteration of honey means it is impure, artificial or adulterated. Glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar syrup, invert sugar, corn syrup, or any other similar product may have been added to it.

We conducted authenticity tests, including for C4 sugars, on 10 leading brands of honey to be sure if they are pure at all. The results may come as a revelation.

Additionally, we carried out tests on a range of quality, safety and acceptability parameters. These included fructose–glucose ratio, total reducing sugars, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), total energy value, moisture, total plate count, antibiotics, acidity, specific gravity, optical density, water-insoluble matter and ash. The tests were conducted at an NABL-accredited laboratory.

The test programme was developed as per parameters listed in the national standards – that is, FSS Regulations (new notification 31/07/ 2018), Indian Standard and Agmark. Food business operators have to comply with the requirements of the revised standard from 01/01/2019. It may be noted that as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Agmark, honey has been categorized into three grades: Special, Grade A and Standard.

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Ordering Tramadol Overnight, Tramadol Bula Anvisa

  • 24 Mantra
  • Badiyanath
  • Dabur
  • Fresh & Pure
  • Hitkary
  • Himalaya
  • Khadi
  • Patanjali
  • Reliance
  • Zandu

Parameters Tested

  • C4 Sugars
  • Fructose–Glucose Ratio
  • Total Reducing Sugars
  • Hydroxymethylfurfural
  • Total Energy Value
  • Moisture
  • Total Plate Count
  • Antibiotics
  • Packing
  • Marking

To read the complete article, please Online Tramadol Australia | Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery

Ordering Tramadol Overnight, Tramadol Bula Anvisa

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