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RERA 2016

President gave assent to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), 2016 on March 25, 2016.


Star Rating of Inverter AC

Consumer VOICE compared 20 models of 10 brands of 1 and 1.5 ton regular selling Inverter ACs. Read on to know which is the highest ISEER rating air conditioner and is a a best inverter AC when it comes to energy efficiency.


Banking and FInance

 New TRAI rules for Cable TV

As per new TRAI rules which come into effect from February 2019, DTH providers like Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, Dish TV as well as cable operators have put out channels list along with individual prices for each channel. Read More


Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Travelling is for all irrespective of age. A travel insurance makes travel hassle and tension free! Here are top 5 reasons for having a travel insurance for senior citizens!. Read Full Report


If you want to travel convenient and hassle free, then having a multi currency travel card is  the best option. Consumer Voice has analysed the top multi currency travel cards for your benefit. Read More

6 Steps of Financial Planning 

Discover 6 easy steps of financial planning to achieve financial freedom. Read More


Learn how to apply PAN card online

Step wise details of filing PAN card application online. Read More

Best Pension Plan Recommendations

Best unit linked pension plans of Nationalized and Private Insurance Companies. Read Comparison

How to file ITR online

How to file ITR online? Who all should file? Learn Simple Steps

Consumer Durables

How to choose the best Airpurifier

Check Consumer VOICE recommendation before making your choice for the best air purifier this winter. Read Full Report

A liquid hand wash cleanses the germs but are the chemicals in it more harmful?

Liquid Hand Wash - 10 Brands Tested

Quality Marks and Certification Logos

Knwo about ISI, AGMARK, BIS, FSSAI, Hallmark, BEE Star Rating, Woolmark, Silk Mark etc. Read More

Which is the best 1.5 Ton Split AC? 

11 brands compared including Price, 5 Star Rating, ISEER & Cooling Capacity Read Full Report

Best Water Heater

The video on water heater or geyser shows the best water heater in the market based on CV recommendation. Read Full Report


Food Safety and Standards Regulations

As per To protect the interests of consumers FSSAI has come up with the Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Regulations, 2018. Read full report

DNA test of Basmati Rice

Which is the purest Basmat Rice brand in India? Lab Test results of  12 brands - Read full report

Home Tests to Detect Vark Adulteration

Simple home tests to detect Khoya adulteration or adulterated Mawa and Vark Adulteration. Read full report

Is Your Honey Pure

The video shows the comparative test results of the top brands of honey and lets the consumer about the purity of each brand. Read Comparison

Decoding Food Labels

Consumer VOICE decodes food labels to recommend safer brands of packed and read-to-eat food products. 


5 Simple Milk Adulteration Tests 

Simple home tests to test milk adulteration - water, starch, urea, detergent and more. Read full report

Paneer Lab Tests featured by Zee 

Discover safer fresh paneer brands out of 8 brands tested at NABL labs. Read full report

Healtheist Frozen Dessert or Ice Cream

Which is the healthiest ice cream or frozen desert brand amongst 8 popular brands - low fat low sugar? Read full report

Purest Cow Ghee Brand in India

Brands Tested: Patanjali, Gowardhan, Ksheer, Anik, Mother Dairy, Amul and Paras. Read full report

Is your drinking water safe?

3 brands of packaged drinking water found to be unsafe for consumption. Read Full Report


Winning Entry: Anurag Munjal – Delhi 

Have you bought a product but forgot to take the receipt? This video depicts the problems a consumer can face if he or she forgets to take the purchase receipt.

Second Prize: Abhishek Dhandharia - Mumbai

This video talks about consumer awareness on MRP or Maximum Retail Price. You should not pay more than the MRP, even if it means Rs 5 more than the MRP.

Third Prize:  Kaushiki Negi  –  Delhi
If call drops are a problem for you, then you must watch this video. This gives you a good picture on the problems one faces because of call drops.

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