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National Road Safety Webinar

To mark the completion of one year of Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019, a webinar was organised on September 1, 2020 by Consumer VOICE along with the other partners of the Road Safety Network where Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport, Highways, and MSME was the chief guest.


Mr Satish Sinha , Associate Director, Toxics Link speaks about e-waste and its harmful effect on the environment and why is it important to dispose off electronic waste in a more responsible manner.

Sustainable Consumption


Mr Satish Sinha, Associate Director, Toxics Link urged consumers on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day to be responsible citizens when it comes to dealing with consumer products. Be a sustainable consumer!

Sustainable Consumer – WCRD 2020

As part of World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) 2020, Mr Ashim Sanyal, COO of Consumer VOICE speaks on the importance of sustainable consumption and its importance. Sustainable consumer was also the theme of WCRD 2020.

Trans Fat

Dr Ranjan Sankar on trans fats and its linkage with NCDs

Dr Rajan Sankar, Director, Nutrition, for Tata Trusts in conversation with Mr Ramannda Sengupta, Consultant Editor, Outlook Poshan, talks candidly about the important linkages between trans fatty acids or TFA and non-communicable diseases and the need to act quickly to cap it.

What is Trans Fat

Though trans fat is also naturally available it is artificial trans fat that is harmful and can lead to cardiovascular and other heart diseases.

Trans Fat and Health of Women

Kavita Devgan, Nutritionist, Columnist and Author, talks about the importance of woman's health and and how every woman should take care of her health by avoiding trans fat foods like jalebis, samosas, and bakery items that are likely to be rich in trans fat.

Heart Attack

One of the reasons for heart attack is the use of trans fat in our foods which needs to be eliminated from our diet to make a healthy living.

Trans fat on food lables

One should read food labels before buying anything from the market since it gives you  a clear idea about the nutrients like proteins, calories and fats including presence of trans fats in the food.

Diagnosis of Hypertension

Video highlights the importance of diagnosis of hypertension which is very common but it often goes undiagnosed because of lack of knowledge.

Benefits of trans fat free food

This video talks of the benefits of trans fat free food like lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar level and why one should avoid such food to remain healthy.


Kavita Devgan, famous nutritionist, columnist and author talks about the harmful effects of trans fat and why one should avoid trans fat rich sweets like gujiyas and snacks like samosas which are cooked in trans fat laden Vanaspati, this Holi.Have a safe, healthy and happy Holi!

Eliminating Trans fat

WHO is spearheading e has made efforts to eliminate industrially produced trans fat globally by 2023 and protect all the people from the harmful chemicals.


Consumer VOICE Magazine

Authentic product reviews, best buys and value for money, legal cases and latest on banking and finance - all this and much more in our exclusive and India's only consumer magazine, Consumer VOICE is now available in both print and digital.  Read more 

Consumer VOICE Digital Magazine

Consumer VOICE magazine is now available in the digital platform. Just by the click of a button you can now access all our editions online and read anytime, anywhere.  Read more 

Banking and FInance

 Higher Education Loan for India

Higher education in India is not too cheap especially if you plan to join a private university or wish to pursue medical, engineering or management courses. Here are some tips on how and where to get the cheapest education loan. Read more 

Income tax provisions for 2018-19

Consumer VOICE financial expert, Subhas Tiwari, outlines the Income tax provisions and changes for the FY year 2018-19. Although the finance ministry may not have made significant changes in the income tax slabs and the applicable rates, it did raise the total cess on income tax to 4 per cent.   Read more 

 New TRAI rules for Cable TV

As per new TRAI rules which come into effect from February 2019, DTH providers like Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, Dish TV as well as cable operators have put out channels list along with individual prices for each channel. Read More


Consumer Voice Testimonial

Over the years, Consumer VOICE has been helping consumers with legal help and support. Recently, Consumer VOICE has helped, Mr Nikhilesh Sanyal, a resident of Noida, Uttar Pradesh  to get a refund for his AC service contract.  Read more 

Income tax provisions for 2018-19

Income tax provisions for individual salaried class for the FY year 2018-19 by Gopal Ravi Kumar, Advisor, BFSI Desk, Consumer VOICE in conversation with Mr Vikram Dewan, Head of Digital Team of Consumer VOICE Read more 

 Buying a health insurance

Medical emergencies are not pre-planned and it is our health insurance policy that saves us. Here are important things that you should know before buying the best health insurance policy for your family. Read more 

Benefits of Filing Income Tax Returns

It is not only mandatory to file income tax returns but it also displays that you are a responsible citizen of the country. Filing income tax returns has its own benefits like easy accessibility of loans and proof of financial investments. Read More



If you want to travel convenient and hassle free, then having a multi currency travel card is  the best option. Consumer Voice has analysed the top multi currency travel cards for your benefit. Read More

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Travelling is for all irrespective of age. A travel insurance makes travel hassle and tension free! Here are top 5 reasons for having a travel insurance for senior citizens!. Read Full Report

6 Steps of Financial Planning 

Discover 6 easy steps of financial planning to achieve financial freedom. Read More


Learn how to apply PAN card online

Step wise details of filing PAN card application online. Read More

Best Pension Plan Recommendations

Best unit linked pension plans of Nationalized and Private Insurance Companies. Read Comparison

How to file ITR online

How to file ITR online? Who all should file? Learn Simple Steps

Consumer Durables

Star Rating of Inverter AC

Consumer VOICE compared 20 models of 10 brands of 1 and 1.5 ton regular selling Inverter ACs. Read

Refrigerator Buying Guide

This summer buy the best refrigerator with our refrigerator buying guide. Get tips, advise and suggestions. Read More

Best Water Heater

The video on water heater or geyser shows the best water heater in the market based on CV recommendation. Read Full Report

How to choose the best Airpurifier

Check Consumer VOICE recommendation before making your choice for the best air purifier this winter. Read Full Report

Which is the best 1.5 Ton Split AC? 

11 brands compared including Price, 5 Star Rating, ISEER & Cooling Capacity Read Full Report

Liquid Hand Wash - 10 Brands Tested

A liquid hand wash cleanses the germs but are the chemicals in it more harmful?

Quality Marks and Certification Logos

Knwo about ISI, AGMARK, BIS, FSSAI, Hallmark, BEE Star Rating, Woolmark, Silk Mark etc. Read More


Water Purifier Buying Guide

Did you know  that  if Total Dissolved Solids or TDS level is below 500 ppm, then there is no need for a RO water purifier. A comprehensive buying guide on how to check the TDS water level and types of water purifiers.  Read more 

 FSSAI (Packaging) Regulations, 2018

No more newspaper packaging for your food says FSSAI in its new rules. FSSAI has come up with Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2018 for business operators to abide by.  Read more 

DNA test of Basmati Rice

Which is the purest Basmat Rice brand in India? Lab Test results of  12 brands - Read full report


Consumer VOICE tested 8 brands of packed fresh paneer and only 3 brands were found safe in all microbiological tests. Mr B K. Mukhopadhaya Head of Consumer Product Testing has analysed the test results of all the 8 brands of packed fresh paneer in this video.  Read full report

Is Your Honey Pure

The video shows the comparative test results of the top brands of honey and lets the consumer about the purity of each brand. Read Comparison

Decoding Food Labels

Consumer VOICE decodes food labels to recommend safer brands of packed and read-to-eat food products. 


Food Safety and Standards Regulations

As per To protect the interests of consumers FSSAI has come up with the Food Safety and Standards (Advertising and Claims) Regulations, 2018. Read full report

Healtheist Frozen Dessert or Ice Cream

Which is the healthiest ice cream or frozen desert brand amongst 8 popular brands - low fat low sugar? Read full report

5 Simple Milk Adulteration Tests 

Simple home tests to test milk adulteration - water, starch, urea, detergent and more. Read full report

Paneer Lab Tests featured by Zee 

Discover safer fresh paneer brands out of 8 brands tested at NABL labs. Read full report

Purest Cow Ghee Brand in India

Brands Tested: Patanjali, Gowardhan, Ksheer, Anik, Mother Dairy, Amul and Paras. Read full report

Home Tests to Detect Vark Adulteration

Simple home tests to detect Khoya adulteration or adulterated Mawa and Vark Adulteration. Read full report

Is your drinking water safe?

Consumer VOICE tested 4 leading bottled water brands and one Delhi based brand and found three brands unfit for consumption. Read on to know which are these and discover which is the best packaged drinking water brand.

Quality Testing of Oils

With the support of FSSAI, Consumer VOICE has taken the initiative to test the quality of different oils in Delhi NCR region with the new "Raman-1" instrument from Oak Analytics which will help to check the contamination on the spot without opening the container.


Consumer Protection Bill 2019

Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 introduced in Lok Sabha on July 8, 2019 is meant to safeguard the interests of the consumers is set to replace the Consumer Protection Act 1986.  Read more 

 Consumer Protection Bill 2018

Ankur Saha, Head Legal, Consumer VOICE in conversation with Mr Vikram Dewan, Head of Digital Team of Consumer VOICE on consumer protection Bill 2018 and the benefits that consumers can have from this Bill. Read more 

 Income tax provisions for the 2018-19

Although the finance ministry may not have made significant changes in the income tax slabs and the applicable rates, it did raise the total cess on income tax to 4 per cent. Also, the income tax slabs and exemption limits for assessment year 2019–2020 and financial year 2018–19 have been sub-categorized on the basis of age and residential status. Here’s a point-by-point discussion that may be beneficial for all tax-paying individuals.  Read more 

 RERA 2016

President gave assent to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), 2016 on March 25, 2016.  Read more 

Memorandum on Medical Negligence 

Consumer Voice presented the memorandum to Dr. Harsh Vardhan seeking his intervention to protect citizens' health; improve the handling of redress for medical negligence, improve the quality of health care and insurance.


Winning Entry: Anurag Munjal – Delhi 

Have you bought a product but forgot to take the receipt? This video depicts the problems a consumer can face if he or she forgets to take the purchase receipt.

Second Prize: Abhishek Dhandharia - Mumbai

This video talks about consumer awareness on MRP or Maximum Retail Price. You should not pay more than the MRP, even if it means Rs 5 more than the MRP.

Third Prize:  Kaushiki Negi  –  Delhi
If call drops are a problem for you, then you must watch this video. This gives you a good picture on the problems one faces because of call drops.
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